Spades and Space Station

Today I encountered two separate issues while playing LTS: The new map Space Station and complaints of players spading through walls.
On the former, I’ve noticed that the Green team is at a severe and immediate disadvantage every round. They spawn at a narrow hallway peppered with windows, with a staircase leading up to a small platform encircling (ensquaring…?) the stairwell. Below is more or less a deep trap for grenades. This format only funnels greens forward (past the windows) which Blue may immediately fire into from the wings of the station. Those brave soldiers who advance upon hated Blue find their hearts quickly sodden with bullets, and they pile at the door. Horrified at the mass of pixelated corpses, yet others scurry up their tower to almost certain end. They peer fearfully over the edge. They know no Prince will ascend after them, for they have no magic hair under their helmets. Tears cloud their eyes and they fire. A wave of Blue murderers collapse but it’s already over. From their nest they turn; watch the grenade clang next to them. It bounces, settles. In that moment their eyes meet. They know they are the last two of their kind. Two seconds. One jumps down, his brother’s bullets shred the Blue Gunner on his right. A pain blooms in his shoulder but he sprints on down the throat of hell. One second. His sad aim finds a Blue animal crouching on his left. He drills through it, finding another behind. He empties his clip into their bodies in rage. Their blood sprays the Green of his shirt, the Green of his lost brothers. He feels what they cannot.
The blast sears his back, but he is already flying. His leg crunches against the far wall of the hallway and he falls to the floor. He knows there is no standing from it. His reddened hand gropes for his weapon on the floor. Strains, gasps. Blood wets his lips. He touches the familiar hardness. He drags it closer to his mangled frame, fighting the fate he’s all too sure of. A ragged breath shakes his body. He almost has it–A barrel touches the side of his head. He lets his fingers slip to the floor. He closes his eyes.

Wait…what was I doing

Oh right, so it’d be much more fair to the green team if there were less windows :). The way it is right now encourages camping. Other than that I don’t know how to help without a total remodel of the map.

Lastly, I’d like to hear your thoughts on spading through walls. It’s a commonly used glitch, and while many users find it unfair I’ve no quarrel with it.

My God! Such imagery! Anyway, I too don’t mind wall spading, coming from a personal experience. I discovered that glitch on accident digging near an enemy and decided that if he could do the same to me it shouldn’t be a problem since neither me nor he has an unfair advantage. Ive been spaded countless times this way, and as long it seems legit (IE. not being found via aimbot x-ray), I have no problems with it.

Thanks, I was inspired :stuck_out_tongue:
I’m happy we agree. I actually found the glitch on Planeassault, when someone was hiding in an engine.

lol Potas that made me laugh.

i linked this topic to Ki11a so he can try to make out your suggestions. i don’t really have a problem with the spade through wall glitch because it’s so commonly used. i do have a problem with it when someone knows exactly where to hit because s/he is using cheats to see through walls.