is there a way to disable the sound on aos classic? any help would be sweet. thanks!

turn down your volume?

The - and + keys adjust sound on Aos

Go to your mixer in your speaker notifications icon. and mute AoS.
Or replace your sound files for AoS with empty sound files :stuck_out_tongue:

Is there anything in particular that annoys you with the sound? It’s an important aspect of finding out where an enemy is, but I find that the original digging sound is extra obnoxious and tends to flood out all other noise, so what I did to solve that dilemma was make my own digging sound and adjust the volume to the point where it’s only audible when someone very close is digging.

I can upload it if you’re interested. I find that it makes the game easier on the ears.

Edit: Forgot to mention that I also have a modified bullet impact sound. The stock AoS sound for bullet impacts is much more obnoxious than the digging sound. The sound I use is a softer dirt-impact sound instead of the sharp zip sound that AoS uses, and again, the volume is adjusted to where you can only hear it when it’s close to you.

just wanted to be able to listen to music,-thanks froelich :slight_smile:

Well, I'll upload them anyway for those who are interested. I hope it's okay to upload sound files on these forums!

Put the following in your AoS 'wav' folder.

hitground.wav - Digging sound. Lighter than the original and easier on the ears, but might prove harder to find an enemy that may be digging in the area.
impact.wav - Bullet impact sound. Much much lighter than the original, you will no longer hear annoying bullet impacts from players that are a mile away from you.
woosh.wav - Swinging sound. This is a silent .wav, use/rename it for whatever you want. Compliments the hitground.wav sound mod because two sounds play when you dig: swinging and the shovel hitting blocks/heads/etc.

Since I replaced almost all of the sounds for my game, these may (or may not) sound out of place because they belong to my own custom sound theme. I recommend backing up your 'wav' folder if you plan to change the files around.

hitground.wav (12.9 KB)

impact.wav (60.6 KB)

woosh.wav (43.1 KB)

Cool Clark, thanks for sharing

a no sound program :smiley: