Some old scripts i found in my folder which might (or might not) be interesting

…so i had to search through my script folders to find a certain script for someone - -
here are some more or less (mostly less) useful scripts i found while browsing through the folders. Most of them aren’t that interesting but I thought I’d share them anyways. Maybe some players would like to see one of those on the aloha servers (I mean we really need that paint script badly :P)
I don’t know all of the creators to the scripts anymore, so sorry to the ones i didnt give credit :<

afterlife by leWizard: basically allows you to revive dead players on the spot they died by crouching on rotting dead bodies. There’s some fancy stuff in the script like a chance to die from aids while crouching on a dead player but i don’t think that would be welcome on aloha :<

baseheal by morph: enables you to heal and restore ammo inside the enemies tent instantly(!!!). I think most players who build on babel know this problem that you sometimes can’t restore your blocks when you walk into your teams tent because you haven’t moved far enough away from it while building. So if nothing else, this script might at least be useful if it is modified in a way so that its effect applies to your own teams tent.

foglinehitdetector by morph: funny script that broadcasts hits beyond the fogline in the global chat (distance at which a message appears in global chat can be modified via admin command). Idk where but I think there was a challenge on this forum about who can land a hit at a distance greater than like 140 blocks. This would be a nice way to include every player at any given time into that challenge and see who pull it of first.

harmlessgrenade: nades can’t destroy blocks

hp: lets you check a players current hp

itsnadingmen by morph: nades can be toggled to do damage in water.

nadydonthurtme by morph: your own nades can’t hurt you, so you can play creeper and not even die at the end. Don’t know if anyone would want that though.

noboxingin: (afk) players can’t be put into blocks anymore

paint by hompy: since the sneak key “v” is pretty useless, this script allows you to change the color of blocks you are looking at to the color of the block you are holding in your hand. So the next time your teammate spoils your perfect pink babel tower with his grey blocks you can simply turn them pink :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

preservecolor: placed blocks keep their colors even when they are completely surrounded by other blocks in which case they would usually turn into dirt

gradient: a little bit complicated to use since you need to enter 2 colors as RGB values in a command. basically, if you draw a line of blocks you get a gradient of all the colors inbetween those two. This also means you can produce a full range of new block colors that aren’t normally available to you ingame (would that be 255x255x255 different colors?)

strongblock by hompy: user placed blocks are stronger. If this script was modified to be enabled based on a map extension, it could be used to make a few of the super hard babel maps last less long.

timedmute: its name is pretty much self explanatory.