Some currency changes

Hey there everyone. For some time we have discussed the idea of making some changes to the server that, hopefully, do not take away from vanilla game play but further enhance it.

We have come up with 2 proposals that we want to run by everyone before we do any official changes to the server.

The first one:

Shops at spawn for a long time have relied on trust and barter system. We propose allowing the ability to add in sign-shops for player ran shops. The way it would work is, you would put in a specific command onto a sign. Then, whenever another player clicks the sign they will, using their $ 9 (same as /home money), buy the item in the sign. The person who owns the store must maintain the sign to ensure there are items to sell in the sign.
So, I could place on a sign that says: “Buy 1 gold block 50$” and then fill the chest with gold blocks.

Here’s a really nice video showing what we would use:

The second idea:

There are a couple items that are unattainable in vanilla minecraft that we think would be interesting to add in, at a cost.

Custom potions, end portal blocks, full-block stone slabs, and villager spawn eggs are the items we have so far came up with.

Here’s some ideas regarding that:

Villager spawn eggs: 5,000$ (10 diamonds) per an egg.
End portal block (you need several to make a portal): 9000$ (18 diamonds per a block, or 2 diamond blocks)
Custom Potions:
500$ Saturation Potion: Basically will max out your hunger bar and saturation bar. Super food. One potion will max it out. Power: 50.
300$ Speed Potion: Speed 6 for 3 minutes
1500$ Haste 4 Potion: Haste 2 for 2 minutes (can use other tools other than Eff V to insta-mine)
100$ Jump Boost: Jump high for 1 minute
5000$ HealthBoost: Allow yourself an entire 10 hearts of extra HP for ~10 minutes
2500$ Absorption: Gives absorption health for ~5 minutes
500$ Strength: Strength 3 for 3 minutes
1000$ Resistance 4: Makes you really durable for 3 minutes

You would buy these from the “server” or perhaps win these items through competitions as well. Who knows. We really like this idea because it gives more reason to amass wealth and differentiate the rich from the rabble. If you are rich enough to afford a personal end portal then that is pretty sweet, but it’s a hefty cost not all can afford. The custom potions are a work in progress too, I have not fully thought of them or what all their uses could be. So please leave feed back and suggestions and let us know what you guys think of these ideas.

If you guys do not like these ideas then they will not be added. Seriously. But please don’t be mean to us, we are trying to add some variation to the server, it’s been forever since an update so it does not hurt to give more content to the game. We will take suggestions for other additions as well but please note that we may say no. These two ideas work well because they’re already “in” the server, just not utilized or enabled, so we would not have to add anything just go into some configs and enable them.


I like both ideas but have another question about the sign if the items run will it say sold out or will it sell nothing for money?

It will be sold out and will not continue to sell. You will also know if a shop is sold out, there’s an indicator on the sign itself

Ok good xD

Would be nice if it notified use by text/chat/mail xD

How 'bout that Potion of Nausea? We could have fun with that!

How about buying warps? The warp wouldn’t even have to be free to use, like normal teleporting, however any player could use it. I’m not saying make it cheap but it would be nice to see people living south or even seeing half my builds. It’s too much pain in the arse to walk a hour real time to get to my place.