Soaring ever higher

If you didn’t know already you can fly for as long as your elytra’s durability lasts without ever having to land. The easy secret is to shoot yourself in the face with a punch 2 bow and then glide up for a small second using the speed boost. The awesome result is you flying higher than you started off. You could probably change out your elytra mid air too if you wanted. I want to propose the idea of building a redstone elevator at spawn that goes to world height so we can fly extreme distances or just fly around spawn.

I also want to see how crazy we all are and how far we’ll fly. We could keep a record board for people that want to go on extreme journeys. One day i want to fly from spawn to the prismarine farm.

side note: I’m making it a personal goal to get one or hopefully several mending and unb 3 villagers for public use at the vault. Any help on that project would be much appreciated as I don’t know much about villagers. I have all the material ready to go. I just need to read up on villagers.

My main concerns with this idea is the lag involved with a elevator that large. With the new pistons we can make elevators that raise and lower you at 30 blocks a second.

If you have any ideas speak up.

Nice idea but my concern is the redstone for the elevator will lag the server

The simplest solution to the problem would be a railway tower then :3

The simplest solution would make you climb a 200 block ladder :stuck_out_tongue:

A minecart elevator is a simple quick trick. I have one at my base for this specific use, though I havn’t used it yet for this, I imagine I could make it to spawn in one flight.

You just set up a tower with minecarts every 4-5 blocks(i forget), then, you look up at the one above you and hold right click. You will soon be at the top.

Simple is always best.

Yeah that’s a great idea, rail lines especially

The tricks to flying are thus:
1 Have punch 2 on a bow. you’ll want to avoid flame and power as you’ll be shooting yourself in the face. You’ll also want infinity.
2. start flying. It’s better to fly using F5 because the arrows hit you easier and you get a better view of your surroundings.
3. barely use your bow like you’re trying to shoot a arrow to your feet.
4. when the arrow hits you aim up right away and continue to shoot if you want more boosts. Once you get it down you can gain 500 blocks altitude in about 6 consecutive arrow hits while continuously aiming up, not straight up.

sidenote this will kill your armor so be sure to wear mending enchants

And once you can get that down you’ll fly around all day every day.

Today I few from the dive challenge platform at spawn to the top of lepras tower without landing. The best part is that the 10 minute flight only cost me maybe 1/8 of a unb3 elytra. I don’t know how fast minecarts or boats travel but when you fly its about 10 b/s (blocks per second) or faster if you want to travel steeper and boost yourself up more.

For now I took the glass off my ships eyes so people can fly out and fly back in to practice and have fun. We are making a elevator and prob railway tower to world height to make travel for a few thousand blocks extremely easy. 53 is your friend now.

This is what i mean by a MINECART TOWER…
No redstone or regular travel.
You simply stare up at the minecart above you and you quickly travel up the tower chain.

ooo yeah that’s even better

The possibilities, man.

HAX. Policeman froe to the rescue to save us from these blasphemus claims

Or you could do the good ol’ water and signs trick for the elevator.

Spawn tower will be done in a few days and definitely by this weekend. So far lepra has done all the work and its looking great not to mention its extremely fast. I am currently designing the top.

The spawn tower also gave me the idea of stations or outposts. If you so chose you could build a small rest stop 200 blocks up or so. It’d need all of the basics including storage so people could explore using that as a temporary shelter. Free leather or a cow farm would be great as well. The better your station the more traffic you’ll probably get. We can post the coordinates of your station at the spawn tower or/and you can mark dynamap. This is also an idea that can be used in the end. 50k blocks out in each direction we can build small base and possibly put a warp there if the end gets that bad.

I tested the efficiency of long trips today and the results are awesome. I flew from spawn to shoosh’s frontier outpost, roughly 15,000 blocks, in 10 minutes and used less than half of a unb3 elytra. I tried to fly back to spawn but when you’re flying 50 b/s (blocks per second) through unexplored server chunks you’re going to crash. You’ll fly, sure, but the lag wont allow you to shoot arrows to gain back altitude.

The most efficient method of flight is to repeatedly hit yourself with punch 2 arrows while aiming yourself at a steep upward angle. It takes some practice but when you get it down you’ll gain 1,000 blocks altitude in around 7 consecutive arrow hits. You can also level off and go for it again if you don’t get as high as you want. I recommend first person for this so you know what way is up and down. Once you’ve gained at least a few hundred blocks aim bellow the horizon and whatever angle you choose decides your speed. I was at a semi steep angle all the way to shoosh’s frontier outpost and only had to gain altitude 3 times. You’ll travel extremely fast like this. On dynamap you can watch yourself fly over continents like they are nothing.