So, about that lag

It has come to our attention that we are experiencing lag issues in our game servers. We are looking into what might be the cause. Currently, we’re running tests for potential network routing adjustments, changing an internal part of our system that might be the culprit, changing certain system settings, among other tweaks. Rest assured we will do whatever is necessary to get this lag “fixed” so we can all have smoother gameplay.

Remember: We’ve just gone through a slew of changes that will likely take more time to iron out. Sorry about that, and thanks again for your patience and understanding! <3

Are you experiencing in-game lag?

If so, please describe the experience. How often does it occur, and for how long? Is anything happening in-game before or after it occurs? Any other unusual patterns you’ve observed?

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Stats are currently down while we redesign a part of the system. This is temporary and will be “fixed” soon.

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How’s everyone’s lag now? We think we’ve narrowed down the root of the issues, shout out to @CapRex for his help with this.

Please let us know if you’re still experiencing in-game lag.

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Moving this back to the front page as this has become a problem again.

We are looking into the current lag situation.

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In an effort to further narrow down lag issues we’ve been experiencing, all our game server services, including stats, have beem moved to a different machine/different distro in the same rack of the same provider.

Two theories are that the lag could be hardware related, or possibly related to Python 2.x compatibility/performance issues in Ubuntu 20.04, and this move will determine if that’s true or not for either case. Another theory is network issues beyond our control, so if lag continues after this move, we will likely move again to a different provider.

Two guaranteed benefits of today’s move are: 1) it prepared us to move more easily in the future (the process will be simpler next time), and 2) we locked in a lifetime 30%+ discounted cost.


very much looking for feedback in regards to in-game performance beginning Saturday, April 23, 2022.

are you still experiencing lag now, today?

@MoDeR if you have a chance to play, your feedback would be greatly appreciated!


I left the game,

But if I have any free time, I will check without problem,