[SnKE] GmRChpE

ign: [SnKE] GmRChpE
offense: esp
server: babel




I’m not sure about this one. He was good if he plays without hacks.

I watched your videos, and I’m positive he was NOT hacking. I’m not an administrator, but I’m confident in saying I’m pretty sure I can tell when someone is hacking or not. Using your hearing and sense of direction, you can actually locate people digging around you 1: As for the other things, when you’re scanning for targets your crosshairs can go over someone who is behind a wall, it doesn’t mean that they’re hacking though. You can also locate people from tracers on the minimap and particles from digging.

snap on the first video at 2:11 and 3:32 ; these are pretty much all u need

i got bored and stopped watching after that, nice movie tho

Problem with your theory Ms. Kiki. Those are lag spikes and packetloss issues. I’ve seen completely legit players seem like they had aimbot under lag from both ends.

At the 2:11 I would understand (but still doubt) with him having around 200 ping, but the 3:32 can’t be a lag spike problem.

Anyway that’s that.

He didn’t snap at anyone. Thats why I made that point of lag, because Chappy’s mouse sens is around 9-10, even a slight lag spike can seem like a snap.

The first vid was 8 minutes. I got as far as 1:27. All legit. I skipped to 2:11 and 3:32 at Asame’s request. Nothing out of the ordinary for an Aussie. If there’s something specific you want me to check in that vid, let me know.

The second video is just him using sound to locate someone. Has all the signs of it or he’d be tracking them vertically as well.

The 3rd video has that great streak near the end, but it’s all players up close. It’s easily attributed to just lots of practice.

I do appreciate the reports, keep them coming. In this case I don’t think there’s enough evidence to suggest anything other than a good player with Aussie ping.

EDIT: I don’t even see a kill at 3:32 in the first vid.

Sorry i doubt you [SnKE] GmRChpE. You’re very good at this game.
Also, i’m way too lazy to cut the video.
Again, i’m sorry.

At 3:32 he snaps at gilz en liao or whatever. He was obviously going to go for Hitler, but he had went underground and snapped to the person in his vision (indicated by the change in ESP outline color) to his right.

I’m only presenting objective arguments and am not looking to troll or turn this into a fight or argument. I looked back at 2:11 and it’s definitely a lag problem, but the 3:32 looks like a snap still. There’s no kill, ei8htx, because he’s out of vision by the time of he shoots (indicated by the darker blue outline of the ESP)

Edit: If you turn down to .25 speed, there’s a frame where liao appears where he’s looking. I’m trying to get a capture of it but I can’t pause on the exact frame cuz it too hrd ):

When it lights up, it means someone has direct visibility to the user. It doesn’t mean they’re looking at them. But enough argument. The administration already declared their opinions.

At 2:11, notice how everything ‘pauses’. I just stop moving, my aim freezes, and then I pop back and start moving again;
Packet Loss.

My 3:32, my aim jerks back the frame after I try to shoot someone at their spawn. It was an attempted flick-shot as I deemed the guy I shot at a few seconds before not any danger as I jumped over; A combination of lag and vertical movement. I used to be a staff member, I can confirm that going over terrain and changing heights while using ovl is very glitchy. :wink:
The jerkiness of aim can be seen at 1:27 (first vid) when I jump off our spawn. That was a 360 spin yet you saw snappy 180’s of it.

Don’t worry, I get this stuff all the time. I’ve been accused of cheating in other games too.

Keep the reports coming though, I think everyone would rather you record someone suspicious and be deemed wrong than not recording a blatant rage hacker. :slight_smile: