^ me sniping only the intel carrier, in order to give our team alil more time to organize themselves

sniping != rushing/being loud
with that said, post your sniping videos


I like every mod you have installed. :3
You mind linking/saying,were you have them from?

here u go

haha, this is totally something you would do. great strategy. video made me laugh.

In response to Snipey’s vid.


all mods im using mods
rifle got it from gamebanana, scope came with the rifle, but I replaced the interior with one of SIMOX’s AR-15 scopes
spade from gamebanana too, with a tiny edit, grenade by KillerRed9, smg, shotgun and battlefield player skin by SIMOX, sounds belong to their respective weapon packages as well as sights, partly excluding the rifle one

Everyone should record themselves doing this. It can be like a new trend or something.

I think I will record myself building my babel tower. :wink: