SnIpEr is sending me black mail

:’( :’( :’( If you want :’( here tell me if someones rude :frowning: STOP HIM FROM SENDING ME BLACK MAIL :’( :’( :’(

lol xD
I, not so kindly, asked him to fuck off (once), because he wants a server to use god mode on, wants to pay admins to make him guard (even pmed one of the admins) and ressurects 2 year old threads for absolutely no reason.

hes just stupid, sorry, can’t stand him

we can always give him a permaban SnIpEr :slight_smile:

or at least a tempban on the forums

type /y

How the fuck can an adult torment a 9yo?

no ban pls

[details=Click for details]
No. ~Reki.

This isn’t a nsfw sharing site…

why the fuck is there an actual video of that
the original video scarred me for life anyway goddamnit

SnIpEr blackmails me to do stuff too.

Who are we?
What is the truth?
What is reality?
What is this topic for?


When we grew up and went to school, there were certain teachers who would hurt the children anyway they could

SnIpEr why do you black mail AEM also to get him to do things for you you know their are cops that check sites daily. And if you ban me I can always make a new acount and now I dont need a server I am a admin now so you fuck off.

Ok SnIpEr whoever is on my side (I dont thik anyone is lol exept dominis and AEM) make a kick for him I hate being blackmailed, tormented, annoyed, and sweared at. sheesh Basically everyone that’s my friend turns against me once atleast and everyone finds a way to annoy me its so annoying but I think I can LIVE WITH IT so SnIpEr basically get a life >:(

if they should get a life you should stop playing on supercool build 24/7
and nobody is on your side


This is why aloha sucks so bad so much sometimes when I was new only ei8htx taught me commands and hes the only one who even helped me and still does unlike you bitches not saying everyones a bitch. :-[ :-\

You seem like you’re mad. Go back to ei8htx

If you look at the staff list, there are something like 40 staff? maybe more… How many staff did you talk to in total? 10? Thats not a reason to call everyone a bitch… :frowning:

fucking dying right now

Uhh if you think aloha sucks then why are you here in this community… :[