smg recoil

it seems that most players don’t have recoil when using the smg on servers I can think of 3 reasons for this

[ol]- they have a script that helps them compensate

  • they are good at the game
  • they are hacking[/ol]
    if skill how to do it or if allowed script on servers where to find

are they crouching? iirc its easy to control smg recoil. if they are using hacks then its highly probable they are using other hacks as well (esp aimbot etc).

how do you control its recoil while crouching

you just control your mouse movements iirc. You are always going to have recoil. Some people just control their mouse moments better than others. I would assume anything that automatically controls recoil is the same as turning it off and is consider “hacking”


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