SMG recoil comparison for Openspades and Classic

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openspades is cheating :smiling_face:


nice comic sans

in .1.0+ there’s horizontal recoil, but yeah most people are still using .0.12 (or earlier) :frowning:
not a whole lot we can do about it beyond kicking a good portion of our players automatically, which is something we’ll never do

openspades has been around for how long again?


I say ban the open spades players like minit banned the brazilians!
I miss minit :frowning:
Anyways… this was one of the main things that had people loving ace of spades back in the day, the simplicity.
It could run on pretty much anything, and the blocky graphics were part of the experience! Sigh, the golden days

Or just fix the recoil in OpenSpades. Why ban like half of the playerbase?

Because America!

apparently it has been fixed in the recent update, but its impossible to get everyone to switch to it

Viva Openspades

I tried to get 1.1 working, but even after updating Windows it never ran.

Literally unplayable.

Doesn’t work for me either, instead it displays an error window.

And this is why classic is better. I say drop open spades :slight_smile:

Openspades is OK, it can barely launch properly though.

The end of the sentence contradicts what you said in the beginning of the sentence :stuck_out_tongue:

Kind of yeah, but I still enjoy playing it when it starts up successfully.


Ace of Spades v0.77!! :wink:
this includes the same recoil as Openspades!

Because .76 was such a success :wink:

Openspades old-.12

Shit fog, good acc


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