Small maps server

I remember Dany0 used to host a server with maps so small it was complete mayhem.

Any chance of Aloha hosting a server like that? It was so fun.

Yeah, that was one of my favorite servers. I’d definitely play on an Aloha one.

Dont servers cost money though?

if money was that much of an issue i don’t think izzy would be hosting ~13 AoS servers plus servers for other games.

I remember those days. Those maps were awesome. I’m for the small maps idea! ;D

you mean like indiarena?

I’m guessing more like a melee greece type of thing.

I’d like to see those server’s that Dany0 use to host, If you don’t know who he is I’ll explain further.

Like those maps that has like no re spawn time and map’s such as Mini Football and map’s like that.

One of those server’s that has arena maps but it’s not Arena.

Hobohob has already made a topic about this. I really want to see this too. It was really fun to play on MeleeGreece. Hopefully this can happen!

Oh, I didn’t see it.

& Yeah I remember MeeleeGreece that was fun.

I remember the Dany0 serevrs! They were my favorite, then one day they all dissapeared… I would love it if we could do this :slight_smile:

It wasn’t arena, It used those map’s before arena came and 1-2 re-spawn count

Hey sexy people, guess what I got some hosts/admins/fans/sexy people to host my maps (as well as bunch of new ones) w/ the mayhem/carnage/battle/fun settings!

Join in now, only at aos://483394606:32885 ! MINIFUN
Bigger map cycle, and with guns! Italy

Includes such classics as India, Rust, meleeGreece, faceBattle and so on!

Join in now, only at aos://2863861442:32867 !

Also I’ve taken care of intel in water and spawnkilling!

*I didn’t want that, but it means sometimes there’s the same map twice, even thrice

Why did you guys ignore my post :frowning:

Because no one is ever on :frowning:

Maps like yours need lots of players.

Got a US one?

I never played on this maps but the ideia is really awesome