Found a new spinoff. It's definitely imbalanced, but it is still kinda fun. It's about a 6/10 compared to in its current state imo.

First try I was able to get 6795 and like 19th place, but that wasn't because I was skilled or anything. It is just really easy to survive if you stay away from the center.

About 30 min later and some luck, I ended up with 14k. Sadly the whole game right now seems to be more based on making stupid mistakes and taking advantage of other people's stupid mistakes whereas has a little more strategy/skill to it.

Post your high score!

This game is so satisfying, it’s especially fun when you’re small and you get a big dude.

Yeah, the one thing that this has going for it over is that even when you just spawn it’s still possible to get a kill on the biggest guy on the server.

3rd Place :smiley:

Nice! How did you die?

I ran into a flotilla of small snakes, They surrounded my head and I couldn’t do anything.
Same story for this one

Ouch. It’s kind of the opposite thinking from In what you have to worry about is the big guys. In this game the small guys tend to be more dangerous than the big guys. And did you get to 1st after that second pic?

Close, but died.


the only problem I have with this game is lag. it’s unbearable :frowning:

Huh, I thought that was only me who flopped around like a snake with a siezure.

im pro is better

nice b8 m8. they’re almost not even comparable.

i mean they’re basically the same game so yeah they are

The game is

all you have to do is type into google and it should come up. no need to login or give information. just make a name and play. here is a sample of my game play. Enjoy.

Thanks, PUN


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i occasionally play and enjoy the game :slight_smile:

Thanks Iz.

I got up to 13000 tonight but not as high as some of the other gamers. I think the game is entertaining for simply what it is. Not to compare it with other .io games but it has its charm. =D

Another Video. This one got big enough to be on the weed or bored