Slab6 Glitch?

SO i’ve been working on other weapon skins and all that stuff, i was 20 min on a new mod for a Rifle and THAT happened

On one side, (the side i was mostly looking at

and on the other side it’s just…

I have no idea what happened there, it just looks like i wasted 20 min of my time making a barrel. If any1 have a fix for that i’ll take it gladly cause that’s just… what??? i can’t edit too, i can use all the tools on top of the screen like the mirror and stuff but i can’t remove or place blocks.

I’ve never used slab6 but it looks like it doesn’t like you twoday.

Feed it carrots and take care of it.

All jokes aside, it seems that you should re-install slab6. That usually helps.
If the problem stays, then I guess it doesn’t like your PC or something.

I have more than a few of these:

As far as I know, it just means the file is corrupted in some way (too big, too complex, general file errors)

Hm, that is quite interesting.
Will note that, thanks.

welp, Rip 20 min of my time