Slab6 bug

My slab6.exe won’t allow my mouse to go anywhere near it, it teleports my mouse out of the program whenever I try to interact with it. I can still move around with wasd, and use the menu options, but my mouse is unusable. Anyone know any way to fix this?

My laptop is an Inspiron 7567
Win10 Home
GTX 1050 ti

I’ve tried running slab6 in a sandbox, still won’t function right with the mouse.

trying slab 6 on my computer is mouse “rubberbands” away from the program, but I can use the option menu and close button.

Try this:

  1. right click on slab6.exe
  2. click on properties
  3. go to compatibility tab
  4. check override high DPI scaling behavior | scaling performed by application

This appeared to work on my surface pro 3 running windows 10 pro but I normally don’t use slab6 so I can’t say for certain it works 100%.

Worked, thanx