Simcity 4 - CapRex Froe AEM ei8htx

Hey guys, I just wanted to ask your opinions on controversial plugins to add to our game:

These are plugins that keep balance, mind you.

Better air pollution ordinance: 5x the cost but more effective:

Lottery program, adds some crime to the town but also profits:

Industry job doubler - Doubles the number of jobs industry provides, along with pollution, electricity, ect. Makes it more realistic in my opinion.

A mod that doubles the radius of civics like hospitals, police, ect.

Those are (what I can think of at least) The more game-balance changing mods I like to use.

I also want to ask permission to add in most of the files from my plugins folder. Doing so would be like an expansion to the game, adding in a large number of houses, civics, ect.

I like them all, they seem to be made with fairness in mind. I’m definitely for the air pollution ordinance.

I always felt like there was too many factory zones per population, as in cities most jobs are commercial, and factories employ thousands of people, so the mod makes sense, plus completely maintains balance on a jobs per cost ratio.

Ok added the plugins, along with a couple others.

You made my game going sloooow and crash sometimes… :frowning:

Really? How so? These plugins should not have any effects like that.

I want people’s opinions on this:

Ploppables. Many buildings that are going to be added come in variety: Growable and ploppable. Growable meaning it needs to be made by the game, ploppable would be like plopping down a firestation - it’s done by you.

Is it ok if I keep ploppables in? I like to use them to fine-tune the aesthetics of my downtown areas, but they can be cheaty as you could plop down a building and gain free jobs instantly.

With only NAM (like before) my game was fine, after adding those new plugings my game is now going like 5 fps. And sometimes, the game just crash, idk but it was while i was testing NAM the first time.
And sure, the ploppables will be fine, if they dont make my game crash…

The game has crashed several times on startup for me. Usually I have to start more than once. Region and city loading has increased a bunch. I haven’t noticed a framerate drop except when I first enter the city for about 30 seconds, but then I wouldn’t expect much of a framerate drop with my PC’s specs.

I’m not sure what would cause this.

EDIT: I’m against plopable buildings aside from civic structures (fire, education, etc).

I agree with ei8htx. I prefer growable since it’s more realistic and not as “cheaty.”

So I’ve been playing again today for the first time since school started about 2 weeks ago.

I really would like things a lot more simplified. I’m unable to build even a simple railroad approaching a very modest hill. I’ve blown through like 10k trying to flatten it out and nothing works. I’m guessing this is the slope mod.

Also, the game really does run slower. Long times to load, and nav throughout the city. I think Caprex was having this problem too. He’s not even playing anymore, and I’m guessing it’s because of these problems.

Simple things like more buildings is probably ok, but there’s sidwalks and all kinds of stuff that I think is eating away at memory. My computer is very fast, so I shouldn’t be having any trouble, and yet it is. I almost would just prefer a NAM install and that’s it.

For the next day and a half, SC4 is 75% off (5 USD) on Steam.

I’ve already bought it and am installing it with the prelease NAM 32 now (El Rail over Avenue!).

Anyone interested in doing the dropbox thing again? I’m thinking of a fresh start. I just downloaded a Hampton Roads map (where I lived for some time) with 64 large city slots.

With us doing city sharing again, I want to explain some things.

Because SC4 isn’t a truly multiplayer game, there’s some quirks everyone should be aware of. When you start the game and enter your city, all the cities and regions touching your city are saved in memory. Whenever you go to save your city, it also overwrites these cities with these copies from when you loaded the game. This is done to update neighbor stuff, like electricity and water sharing.

However, the problem here is that if someone is building in a city next to you at the same time, and you go to save, it’ll overwrite their city with the adjacent city info from memory from when you started the game. All their progress is reverted back to when you first started the game.

It’s perhaps easier explained with a pic:

Lets say I’m working in Solidus Central. All the cities touching it’s borders are marked red and cannot be worked on at the same time as me.

If you look a little to the west, though, you can see another city in green (I named it pilcrow in MS Paint). This city would be fine to work in, as it has a border city between it (Caret, plus a few unnamed to the north).

In fact. When no one is working on Solidus or Pilcrow, one could go into Caret and connect the east and west of it’s borders with pipelines, power, or roads. In this way you could then do something like import power from Solidus, and export power to Pilcrow. That way the 2 cities can share things by using an intermediary. Again, though, it’s very important no one is in Solidus or Pilcrow while working in Caret.

I don’t care if someone wants to build nearish to me. It’s just really important we don’t share borders.

2 other things important to note:

The colors are jacked up. Before you start a city, you should go into all the regions that border it, and then save (while in God Mode, don’t start the new city part). This will fix the colors. More importantly, once you go into your city you can reconcile borders. If you don’t take this step, it’ll “reconcile” your borders with all water. So: save the adjacent cities in God Mode (don’t reconcile them), then go to the city you want, and reconcile it. (This is why all the border regions of Solidus have color.)

One last, very important point: Don’t delete stuff in dropbox! Everyone has full read/write permissions to the folder in order for the game to work. If you don’t want the space taken in your dropbox, just remove yourself from the account (unshare yourself) or ask me to do it if you’re unsure. Deleting the folder or any contents will delete it for everyone.

Here’s a pic of what we got so far:

AEM, idk if you want to, but you could build near CapRex and I.

Region 1 can be yours if you’d like. It doesn’t directly border either of our cities. Eventually I plan on moving onto region 3, which means you could also take region 4 at a later time. Also, if CapRex moves on in the future, you could possibly take region 2. Right now region 2 needs a tiny city to connect me and CapRex, but even so, in the future you could wipe it clean so long as you rebuild the connections between us (which will probably exist by tonight). Also, you could take anything south east of Solidus along the shore (so long as it isn’t bordering it, like the big one south of 3 which IS bordering it barely).

Also, you could take region 6 (and later on, Ellipsis North). I had originally planned to go in that direction when I’m done with Solidus, but now I’m going east instead. You could wipe it clean later on when I’m out of Solidus. Right now it’s just an industry/trash city.

If you plan on taking 6, I’ll probably move into 1 or the one south of 3, but this is a long time off in the future. If not, I’ll probably expand south from Ellipsis onward. I don’t care either way, feel free to do what you want.

Or if you want you can build far off like Froe. Idc, just wanted to let you know if you were thinking about it.

EDIT: Only thing I request (and this is for everyone) is that you preserve the natural feel of the terrain. The region view should look natural with all city borders looking naturally connected. Of course you can radically change the coastline, add mountains, etc, so long as the borders are reconciled. If you want a wide open flat area for a massive city, there’s plenty of landlocked regions for the taking.

I’ve added an El Rail over Road Station that’s parallel with the road (all the ones in NAM were perpendicular).