Silnius is gone fishin' on our Minecraft server

want to join him and the rest of us for some good ol’ vanilla Minecraft?

Apply here:


Nice post Izzy. I’ll be sure to check out our server when I get a lot more free time to actually get started with minecraft. These last few semesters have been tough.

Nice post! Keep on fishin’ Silnius; love the gif :slight_smile: The private server is a lot of fun, and we are always looking for new people! Apply for access now!

I’ll give you one free stack of watermelons. Tempting offer, right? ;D

I’ll raise u a stack of bread ;).

I can vouch the server is a great place to be. Atleast someone is online at any given time. The community is a very close knit community. For the short time I’ve been playing on the server I can already guarantee you’ll have a blast playing on the server.

iirc i’ve already been given access I just haven’t had the time to actually get into minecraft. I’ve just dabbled in minecraft since it was first released and when I bought it back in 2010. I think the only time I really “played” it was back on the original browser mode before survival was released.