Showing off my house (and a few cool things in it!)

Hi guys! So I’m showing you what I’ve been doing lately in my house. Since a lot of you don’t like travelling long distances in MC, I’ll just show you what my house looks like at the moment :slight_smile:

-Blast furnace
-Realistic elevator
-Combo lock door
-Piston door

In addition to my redstone powered things, I also have a nice field outside my house where I keep all my crops and animals (so I can stock the Dinah!!!). I’m always expanding and when I make my next video, the 4th floor might be done. I’m not sure what I’ll do for it, so I’ll be taking suggestions! As you can tell, the blast furnace is “special” and a lot of items end up getting trapped because the fuel runs out or the circutry somehow didn’t reach one furnace. Sorry if I sound dopey, I’m sick atm xD…reminds me I need to fix the damn furnace :stuck_out_tongue: I put in 52, thought I’d put in 56, and ended up with 58.

A new edition to my house is the waterfall!

You sound… Idk… kinda dopey? :o

Cool place Monsta! That elevator and blast furnace are really impressive! As for what to build on your open floor, I don’t have any suggestions atm :stuck_out_tongue: I’ll definitely think about it though!

Is there any specific reason you use coal in your furnace instead of an easier resource, such as lava?


lol. i got shout outs…

Nice work since I last visited.
I should do a home tour as well.

Yeah man! Hurry up before I add the 4th floor :stuck_out_tongue:

Tear Its bootiful! Plz plz plz make tutorial on how to make the elevator n blast furnace :slight_smile:

Ok I will. Give me a bit.


If you didn’t know, he is always dopey whenever I’m on call with him over skype.

I only said it because he said he was in the original post lol.

Updated the first page. I added the waterfall!

Make da tut already :stuck_out_tongue:

I need a new headset so I actually sound like me. xD

Better than mine. Mine has an eternal high-pitched whistle I can’t get rid of lol.

My head phones are better then yours :wink:
Beats - Awesome
iPod Head Phones - Make you sound dopey

If you ever get a chance feel free to hop into the underground area behind my post office and see what I’m up to (Its a really neat house).

entertaining video, you’re good at commentary!

I agree, very entertaining video, i wouldn’t mind seeing a few more, maybe showcasing other player’s creations? :wink:

I like how at 4:15 he says “First thing i have here is ice rink, what’s cooler than ice rink guys” and a couple of seconds later he continued in a more calm voice “…this is not the coolest thing”

I love the ice rink I wish I was in the video just messing around in the ice rink XD