Should penis' be built in Aloha maps?

I have recently saw buildings of penis’on the aloha maps, Do you think it should be banned?

I take it as common knowledge that it should be,I toggle the people that build them and I thank the people that remove them.

This is kind of ridiculous to debate,the people that build penis’s build them then don’t do anything else.

IKR, but i want to see if any newcomers agree

lolyes, togglebuild

I found it best to leave people alone…generally, they tend to start fighting after they get bored of building penises. Then some stupid griefer comes along and removes them for you.

i like what Reki said.

i really don’t care, actually i think it’s funny but i understand how it can be bothersome. part of the attraction of this game is the freedom to do/build whatever you want and that’s the kind of environment i prefer as a player. it just depends on the situation, if most of the players at the time are involved in the gameplay and a team is losing specifically because the extra manpower they need is too busy building worthless stuff in the back then i would do something about it, i.e. ask the builder to help his team. most of the time there are enough people screwing around on each team that it balances out.

it’s your call but personally i prefer to let builders have their fun.

Well i disagree with you izzy, some parents/guardians like to look at what their children is playing, if they see the buildings of penis’ maybe the would say this is a bad server or this is a bad game

This poll is bunk. It asks “should penises be built on aloha maps” really large font on the title, but then in the fine print, changes the question to “is it rude to build penises”.

Bait and switch. Bad poll.

I mean do u think penis is rude to build

I told her this before she made it.

On both sides people are usually building useless stuff, and whether its a penis or the notre dame I don’t really care.
If it’s the parent that is concerned that their kid sees a penis they shouldn’t let them go on the internet at all. I mena, what possible harm can a pixelpenis do?

It’s not that it’s inappropriate, because the Internet is the wild west and full of other junk besides phallic pixel art, but because on several occasions in babel, this one person made so much penises, that it completely blocked the stairs and I counted fifty of them, yes 50!! There was no way to use the stairs and the blues spawned on top of the penises, and lost in the end. So I believe that everything has its limit, and fifty is too much. But one or two of them, I don’t mind.

This has been happening since the beginning of the game and nobody really cares, they either find it funny or just carry on with the game. I myself do not care either since, as Drebbel said, “what harm can a pixelpenis do?”.

Imagination is part of the game, maybe they are imagining having bigger ones… who knows.
If the human body is that taboo, then the artists and art galleries would have been closed long ago. Now that ive read these posts im going off to make boobies instead :stuck_out_tongue:

oh and by the way, shouldnt we be concentrating on the more serious issues?

MoJo made a funny

and no Virus, player abuse is bad mmkay

Count me in, I’ll make boobies too. :wink:

I togglebuild anyone who builds a penis, swastika, or griefs in any way.

why togglebuild people who build penises and swastikas?