Shortening the map rotation on - Arena

[glow=red,2,300][shadow=red,left]I Think… that Last Team Standing has to many maps.
minideckarena, avstorage, indiaarena, officewars, avsides, generator2, rigreloaded, ambassyarena, planeassault, penthousearena, generator, avseafort, facingworldsarena, avsmallfortress, spacestationarena, dedust2arena, submarinearena, alcatrazarena, blueresort, abordage, museumarena, spiraltower, csitaly, prison, turvystairs, prisonbreak, nuketown, castlewars, abandonedstronghold, alamoarena, zealot.

I think it should be more like 5-10 [glow=red,2,300][shadow=red,left]EPIC Maps and the mape that are well [glow=red,2,300][shadow=red,left]KNOWN Maps.

Leave your comments down below.
P.S, Ill also make a poll.
P.S.S, If you use all 3 that means you want more than that.

specifically which maps do we keep and which do we toss?

maybe it’s time to have two arena servers. one server for serious play with an ordered rotation of select maps that have good replayability, and a second “fun” server with a random rotation of all maps + player-triggered map voting.

my picks for the first server are:


opinions? i’m not sure about the orange ones…

Keep Plane Assault, and add Generator2

Don’t forget rigreloaded on that list izzy :stuck_out_tongue:

My favorite maps:
The original 2 (india arena, Minideckarena)
All the AV ones.

Whatever happened to facingworldsarena?

ok probably rigreloaded too

For a serious server, around 10-12 maps would do, going off the average in-game time for a players which is around 4-6 maps I believe, 10-12 maps would allow a player to enjoy the maps they have and enjoy going back to them. Of course, these maps would definitely have to be fair for both Blue and Green. On average Blue wins the majority of the maps, I’m not saying the map has to mirror it-self, just be fair. The best way to now if a map will be fair or enjoyable is to just put it in rotation, like you do. A second server, a “fun” server wouldn’t be a bad idea would definitely make it easier to get into the LST server. The idea of player-triggered map voting would be great now, maybe having it limited to the first 5-10 minutes of a map. Good Day. :slight_smile:

Tyler I object to you saying Blue wins more maps then Green on average. When an admin isnt on and aimbots get on, or When 3 REALLY good players get on, whichever team they are on will win more, but I object to your statement about Blue winning more on Average. :stuck_out_tongue:

Well let me explain further, there is always going to be good players on, there is always at least one person with a much higher score. Those players will almost always go to the team with a “map advantage”, because it makes sense. So these good players go to Blue team, because Blue almost always has a “map advantage”. Even a good player can be easily defeat, because one of these “advantages”. Your grammar with the phrase “When an admin isnt on and aimbots get on”, is throwing me off, so I’ll try and Reply. “So your saying if a hacker is on? If so, why would I include a hacker in my average?”. I had just played 4 maps and 3 I would say Blue had the advantage, and blue won 3 out of the 4 maps. I do not doubt that having good players on your team change the tides of that game, but if your going to ignore the fact that some maps favor certain teams, and that those teams have an advantage over the other, I can’t do anything, but say players that want the advantage go on Blue those are normally the good players. Those good players win, those good players are on Blue, Blue normally wins. It just how it works, so to even it up I was just saying the maps need to have minimal advantages. When green gets the “map advantage” they normally take the map, but there is more maps with Blue advantage then Green advantages. :stuck_out_tongue:

Sorry about the bad grammar spot, but yes, that is kinda what I meant. But in MY OPINION, if you looked through every Arena map, Blue MIGHT have 60% map advantage, But as I have seen so many Sigs, “Green Master Race”
Ever seen one that said Blue was? nopes. Point made. I WIN :stuck_out_tongue:

but there is more maps with Blue advantage then Green advantages. :P
Gotta get that Blue Resort going.

I haven’t heard much about what players think about Turvystairs, and I haven’t seen it since it was put on rotation.

Izzy what about my Nuketown map?
Everybody loves that map :smiley:

Yah, fix ability jump out of the map.