Servers to go on when the Alohas are down!

Some servers you might like to try while the alohas are down are:
Minits- has admins on most of the time
Ki11awi11’s server- admins on most of the times including me :smiley:
Komrade Clan Server- has admins on a lot, map is mostly island by izzy
Shams little pony-good server but admins arent usually on

If you guys think of any other servers that you like, tell me!

the goonhaven servers are now leaving aos :frowning: there goes 3 of the best servers AoS had.

I used to enjoy going on SLP, except they got way too intrusive on the adminning.
I advise nobody going there.

I use to play on the enclave servers, they were nice.

i used to go on these 11 awesome aloha servers until apparently they disappeared into the oblivion. It is still Wednesday right?
Ok so im a little anxious to get back to normal too. Hang in there guys.

I’ve been on a rotation of GH1, Minit US, and Sham’s Little Pony. Although I have been meaning to give the Komrade server a try.

Ya I checked my calendar and it is still Wednesday,man I must be tired because I have slept like four times today.


Agreed, still Wednesday, still waiting, still sad. :’(

Well, recently someone broke time. Space is still fine, thus we’re all still here and alive, but time is completely broken.

Every 60 seconds a minute passes in Africa, how bad is that??..Man, hope scientists can fix time soon! :frowning:

I am sure Glad most of Africa are third world countries that don’t have watches or else there would be riots!

Just awesome. Aloha servers are down, and Goon Haven is being shut down permanently. Komrade server it is!

I told you man, hump days always feel really long.
Hopefully Wednesday would be over soon.

scratch goonhaven off the list bye bye goonies

That’s really very sad.
All aboard Minit.

What is that I hear about goon haven?

It’s no longer hosting AoS servers.

I am glad Aloha is relatively a drama free zone.


I tried to explain that, because GH admins are so trolly and intrusive, they’re probably getting especially mad about the pay-to-play crap. That didn’t go through to them, but oh well.

Still, it’s good that someone’s venting/speaking out. So, kudos to Thalagyrt.

Komrades server is very laggy. I suspect someone is hosting it on their own computer. Either that or they’re renting from the worst server provider ever. I’ve got less than 50ms ping on their server yet the server constantly rubberbands and has lag spikes.

For europeans, there is some new server, hosted in italy, or also in Germany : Tower of Babel Zombies Last man standing.

I’m talking about these server because there is same game mod as Aloha. So, when aloha is down, we can also go on it :slight_smile:
(The ping is excellent for Europeans)

You have to understand how most of site admins treat you in the AoS forums and IRC. The more you hang around there you will see it is nothing like aloha and more like a dictatorship. Their topic for IRC says it all. They will really shoot you down. StackOverflow called me a psycho after I apologized for spamming PXYC’s !8ball. And I’m muted for 9000.1 hours and now Im banned altogether for calling him a douche. If I were to apologize to izzy for spamming, I’m confident that he would not call me psycho. So now I’m waiting for “justice” or maybe izzy will unban me someday.

I only support Thal’s move for speaking over the site admins without getting punished. I think his closing of GH servers were an overkill, but it can only be resolved with Ben reconsidering who he hires.