Servers need more!

I can never get into Last team standing, Hallway or pinpoint. I WANT TO PLAY!

I thought you said that you played on the less popular servers, like CTF or TD.

Well izzy, I think we should have like some extra slots for guards/mods/admin, so when the server is full, guards/mods/admin can still go on the game and do their duty

reserved slots would be nice but the problem is pyspades can recognize you only through the chat and you can’t chat without already being connected to the server

I normally do, but sometimes I don’t. And today TOW was full :frowning:

Maybe if you login in aloha, you will have access to the reserved slot. I dont know if that will work.

That a good one!

Pyspades recognizes when you connect, not just join the game. You could make it so it could fill up to 31, and then if the IP matches a guard/admin/mod IP, it allows a 32nd person to join (the admin).

That can work too.

The only issue with this is IP addresses aren’t static (correct me if I’m wrong)
On a side note, a server doesn’t usually remain full for long. People like me will always ragequit and you just have to be persistent :slight_smile:

It should be the name with the IP, or an IP range for those who are on dynamic IP’s.

IP’s are easy to fake.

I think that there should be a “Connect as admin/guard/trusted” link on the play AoS page on the AoS website.

Then you would have to enter the admin/guard/trusted password for the server.

If account registration ever gets implemented that could solve the problem easily. Everyone has to login to be able to play and there’s always one spot reserved for someone with admin/mod/guard status. Plus it would probably also reduce the amount of hackers a bit.

True, but I don’t think it will be a bit, probably all. Think about it, would a hacker or griefer spend $10 to do there thing and get permabanned from a paid game?

Account registration doesn’t necessarily mean a paid game, but you’re right… if it is to become a paid game the amount of cheaters will be reduced to a minimum.

My bad, didn’t read it clearly.