Server request: Kraken

Just me?

Ah dang.

Looks awesome!!! I want it

O_O Must have taken a long time to program. Anyway would love to play this, looks like a lot of fun.

Lots of support so far

I remember when this was first played I heard the map is super hard to play! I never got to play it though, so yeah I want this!

as much as it looks extremely fun i don’t think it’s gonna last very long. after killing the kraken over and over again i can see this may get boring and it’s probably not worth hosting an entire server for it.

Not gonna happen unless the script gets a MAJOR update to fix all the bugs.I tried hosting it on my server and some bugs i found:

-tenticles dont disapear and you glitch into them, getting the head-in-block glitch
-kraken eye doesnt open/close its just luck if you find the right spot to shoot
-instead of the kraken going into water then coming back up, a second kraken appears behind it where it would have come back up
-second kraken isnt hollow (not sure if its a glitch or not)

I like the concept, as well as Ace of Spades possibly taking more PvM co-op play mode as opposed to a PvP competitive one.

I hosted on a private server myself, it is very glitchy.

So probably at this stage not the best.

the script is basically a huge massive wad of spaghetti code. until someone can sit down and fix all of it (ie. hompy or Tocksman) it’s going to remain that way and is probably not the best choice to run as a full on server.

Since I really want this, I will try. But I will probably fail since Python is not my specialty.

Pyspades should use Java.

EDIT: NVM, don’t understand a single bit of it.


inb4 Javaspades.