Server Request - Aloha Whitelist Building Server

I would like to see an Aloha Building Server, White listed so only people who are chosen to build can go into the server, I would like to see a flat map that’s not a bright color such as yellow that can be annoying to your eyes, So maybe a dark green floor. I would like to be able to dig down as well.

So the people who are whitelisted has God mode for unlimited blocks, Flying, Paint, Whatever builders can do.

Questions people might ask.

1.Why whitelist it?

Well, Some of the build servers the admins had to God someone and make sure that person is not a griefer, Or If they know that person an admin might not be on so he/she can’t build. So If you’re whitelisted you can join the server anytime, No one has to be in there with you so you can build in peace without worrying about someone destroying your things.