Server Populus

I am very glad to see that most of our servers are usually filled to the brim.

Me too. ;D

There’s always goonhaven. :stuck_out_tongue:

…so is griefers,
…and hackers,
…and trolls,
…and kids,

This brings up a question. With more and more people, you will need more and more servers.

More servers means more money.

Where will this money come from?

i do own the hardware free and clear and it’s powerful enough to run quite a few of even the most demanding game servers, so the only costs we have to worry about are electricity and bandwidth. right now i’m comfortable covering those costs by myself but of course donations are always welcome lol. i have a plan that should (hopefully) encourage enough donations to get to be self-sustaining. i’m actively working that plan into a reality, i’ll post more info in the coming weeks.

Izzy made his 500th post ;D

I am making my 76th post!

Hmmm. I wonder what it could be.

If you haven’t been as observant, all forums in eventually to off topic. And there isn’t any rule that states that i cant go off topic.

I would like to help out with running a server when I get my new computer, can you run an aos server from a comp?


It depends on upload speed really.
Anyway, I think izzy has an extremely evil plan coming.


You will need to port forward port 3227 I believe. Then just run the server. It may be laggy if you have a slow internet connection. I recommend at least a 2 Gb upload speed and double download speed. Remember, it takes 1 GB of bandwidth to run a server for 1 hour with 32 players. I plan on running a clan server for my clan but with only 8 player capacity.