Server moving to Los Angeles; downtime expected

our game server box is scheduled to be moved, i.e. physically transported by ground vehicle, from the current data center in Las Vegas to a new data center in Los Angeles beginning on Monday, April 9. this means our AoS servers will be down for approximately 2 to 3 days. when we’re back online most lag issues should be gone and ping times will be noticeably lower for Hawaii and Asia players.

again?!?!?!! :frowning:

Still it will hopefully improving the game for those laggy pppeeeeoooopppllleeee.

2 days of downtime in exchange for visibly better performance other days?
Not complaining.

lol im complaining cause last time izzy said that, it ended up taking like heaps longer than it was supposed to. yet there is still lag :S

Better not take long. I WANT TO PLAY.

In the meantime…Minit US!

Looking forward t playing Arena again.

All good! ;D I have patients… 2~3 days isn’t that bad.

Yeeey :B i feel fine to know that the server will come soon :B i have find the players spread the servers of ace of spades, and know that the aloha server will be soon out keep me calm and exited :B

Think about all those poor other servers that are dealing with our pinpoint griefers and laugh.


Doing 1v1’s in Last Team Standing right now lol.