Server move

Hey everyone!
We’re currently moving our servers from Las Vegas to Kansas City.
There’ll probably be some things that stop working, but let us know and we’ll try to get everything back to normal again.
This also means that existing links to the game servers won’t be right: the new ones all start with aos://180274501.

We’d appreciate it if you’d send us some network information about the new location: network information survey

rip 41 ping

your feedback is super important right now as we stress test this new server. please share your concerns/tell us about any issues you’re experiencing, or if all’s good please report your positive experience too! we really need to hear from you so we can properly weigh out all the pros and cons. thanks!

nvm, my ping still in 250 ms, sometimes go to 29849641 ms.

my ping spazzes out from 200ms to 10000+ and i cant login on AoS Stats

Stats is busted for now.

We’d appreciate it if you upload pings and traceroutes to (even if you’re not having network problems!):

[ol]- Go to command prompt (search start menu for “cmd”)

  • Type “cd %USERPROFILE%\Desktop”
  • Type “ping -n 10 >>”
  • Type “tracert >>”
  • Open up the file on your desktop and send us what’s inside:[/ol]

(no quotes in all of this, and it might take a minute)

uploaded mine. i’ll going to do another one on my gaming desktop with ethernet

Last time I played in January my average was 200-1000, now it’s 300-500 average.

YoSUu, please, please follow BR’s instructions @ network information survey

My ping gone down to 130 ish now from 200. Can’t login though :frowning:

why not? is there an error message?

did you try setting an AoS password in your profile?;area=account

then use that password to /login communist

100ms to 50ms :slight_smile:

Izzy we need to move the server to antarctica. Israelleelll needs to have a ping thats over 9000 :wink:

so far my ping appears to be a constant range of 60-80 ms (on average)

is that lower or higher than the Vegas server for you?

Depends on my internet. I’ve seen pings from 40-200ms (99% i’m under 70ms)

my ping will be higher since i’m closer to vegas then the new location but the new ping is reasonable but i do noitce slight spikes to ~120-130 but not sure if thats my end or the server.

Since I’ve played the same gun on the same classic voxlap for the past six years, I can feel small changes pretty acutely. So after a few days of playing with the new server location and ping, and speaking only for my own experience, I’ve concluded that though my ping is ~ 100, the game plays more like 250. Of course, up to now my ping was a consistent 41, so it’s possible that I’ve gotten used to unrealistically smooth gameplay. Regardless, rubberbanding and glitches are both more frequent, and instances where I feel a headshot didn’t count seem to have tripled. Of course, the latter is subjective, but the sharp change is unsettling.

If the move was made because a server in the midwest is cheaper, that’s not unreasonable and I’m glad we could reduce costs. But since most US players live on the coasts, if the server was moved solely to mitigate lag for players on the east coast, the result is mid-high ping for most US players instead of low ping for about half. (Foreign players excluded because changes are negligible to ping that is high for any US server location).

I’ll upload my ping and traceroutes in a sec, hope my analysis helped a bit.

Build server is obviously still down. Any chance of it going back online at some point?


your feedback helps, thanks.

yes, reducing costs is the primary reason for the move. however, we’re considering two other options on the west coast (one in Los Angeles, the other in Seattle) that are in the same price range each with different hardware specs. your connection info to them would be helpful too, just follow BR’s instructions and replace with then do it again and replace with

and although network is a big factor, so is CPU speed. the current central location is the fastest @ 3.73GHz per core. the Los Angeles location is the next fastest @ 3.0GHz per core. the Seattle location is the slowest @ 2.26GHz per core, but it has 2 more cores than the other locations.

we can think about these details on paper all we want, but ultimately how the in-game experience “feels” is more important than anything else.

…weighing out all the pros and cons, that’s why we need feedback from as many players as possible!

STEVE, yes it will be coming back soonish :slight_smile:

I’ll upload new tracert for those ip addresses tomorrow

and Atreyu its not the ping :wink: