[SERVER] more AoSC 0.76 servers

per request our 24/7 pinpoint, 24/7 hallway, and arena top 10 servers are now optionally playable with the Ace of Spades Classic 0.76 client. official aloha.pk AoSC 0.76 servers:

  • aloha.pk tower of babel 0.76 @ aos://1379434439:7676
  • aloha.pk 24/7 pinpoint 0.76 @ aos://1396211655:31887
  • aloha.pk 24/7 hallway 0.76 @ aos://1396211655:32887
  • aloha.pk arena top 10 maps 0.76 @ aos://1396211655:43887

live AoSC 0.76 server list: Build and Shoot • Servers

to play on these servers you must have the Ace of Spades Classic 0.76 client installed. i highly recommend using the BuildAndShoot.com launcher to automatically switch between AoSC 0.75 and AoSC 0.76 without having to manually uninstall/reinstall the game client every time you want to play the other version.

how to install and use the launcher:

[ol]- download both game clients but don’t install them:

[li]Ace of Spades Classic client 0.76

  • Ace of Spades Classic client 0.75
  • download and install the BuildAndShoot.com launcher
  • run the launcher then click Game Installations
  • click Add New Installation… then select and Open aos076install_rc10.msi
  • click Add New Installation… then select and Open aos075install.msi (or click Add Existing Installation… if you know where the 0.75 client was previously installed)[/ol]

that’s it! now you can easily switch between AoSC 0.76 servers and AoSC 0.75 servers by simply clicking them.

Whoever made the build and shoot client, I think I love you.

They love u 2…xD