Server lag and network congestion.

Hey there all,
I’ve been experiencing a lot of lag from this server lately, and have seen a ton of new players with over 150-250 pings playing. My own ping is usually below 100 and it’s been spiking into the 300’s getting me kicked and such that my play is so laggy I can’t even shoot anyone.

I’m wondering if there is some server/network congestion that can be dealt with by kicking a lot of the high pingers from the game with an admin player? Are there ever any admin that play in the Tokyo server anymore to be able to help clear the lagging server? Thx.

it had been running for over a week without a restart so that’s probably why there was extra lag

it was restarted a few hours ago, should be better now

something is horribly wrong with the server tonight as of 11:30 pm tokyo time 8/20/2011. Everyone is well below 200 ping, but there is horrid lag, that freezes frames and loses motion of actions. It’s affecting everyone for the worst gameplay i’ve ever experienced and people are resorting to vehicles only to keep from one on one actions that get them killed. HOpe the server hasn’t gone bad. -LR

is it still bad? it’s been up for almost a week, i’ve been meaning to restart it but every time i check it’s nearly full