Server Introduction request!( izzy, read this!)

Ok so im writing this cause izzy seems to be afk on the irc. so anyway, i would like to request a server intro. So it would say something whenever i joined a server. Now i know it may seem unfair, but it really has NO advantage against players(how could it o.O) and is therefore why im requesting one…it also looks cool but really has no point… If it isnt too much of a problem for you izzy then i’d like one xD. ok thanks for reading this… howevr im pretty sure this has ben a waste of your time izy cause dot think youll mke me one :frowning:

If this happens everyone will start wanting one…

Hey could I have one Izzy?


I see what you mean… I don’t know how to deal with it. just don’t give anybody one, know what I don’t even need one, I will clear it.

it kinda makes the server pretty disorganized as well. it doesn’t look that good if random people are just entering the servers and having random messages being broadcasted all the time.

it’s fun, we should do it, but not until we get other more important priorities in order first.

when we start doing this you will need to provide:

  • your exact in-game name
  • message to appear when you join with that name

Dinur, i share your concern but i can’t imagine too many people with custom messages will be joining too often or at the same time. it can’t be any worse than the “players remaining” spam on arena. anyone else concerned about this?

Well i am concerned about the spam on arena, I just really hate that, espically when trying to type. but I don’t have another things, but then to create who gets one and who doesn’t, I mean, if some random person that just created account/just joined comes up and asks for one will he get one? How will it make people distinct from regular people if a ton of people have this. On my server I had I used this method to indicate trustedplayers/mods/admins, but I will leave that up to you admins, when you get to that. Good luck

Yeah, as long as they aren’t too obnoxious, it should be fun. Salina’s could be “Beware of Speeding Poptart Cats!”

I don’t get a thing… :stuck_out_tongue:

Mine could be “The guy that nobody likes until he dies then everybody loves him has joined”

What do you mean by introduction?

If this is ever enabled, I would like my introduction to be nothing.
As in, completely remove the “Reki joined the (blue/green) team.” message.
This way people only know I’m on when I shoot them (or they press tab and look through the names).

Oh crap.

I am gonna die way more on Pinpoint.