Server disconnects, kicks, and lag

I’ve been playing AoS for almost two years now and this problem has just recently come up and I don’t understand why. When I started playing the game I had, on average, 90ping and no problems with lag other than trying to shoot the guy that looked like walking epilepsy. Over the years my ping has slowly risen to 100 and then 120 and now recently 160 and rapidly increasing to 170-180. So my ping sucks, who’s doesn’t? That’s not why I’m writing this. I can’t even play the game any more because every 3 to 10 minutes the server disconnects or kicks me for no reason. No lag spikes or ping jumps. It just kicks me. I usually only play on counterstrike or babel but both servers do it. I don’t want to believe my favorite game hates me but that’s what it feels like. I’ve done everything I can within my very limited knowledge(turn the modem off and on again) but now I’m asking for advice and help.

See I’m not the only one who has been having this problem.

I do get lag spikes sometimes. Most of the time when I play I do encounter a issue when my client crashes.

I do get disconnects at times. Even Grunge gets that, too.

I get spikes at some points, but I rarely get disconnected.

are you on a wireless connection?

can you please run a traceroute to when you’re experiencing the lag or disconnects and copy/paste or screen shot the results either here or to me privately? thanks

When this happens, I would greatly appreciate it if you beeped me right then and there. You can go into the IRC and beep me, or from in game type /admin 8x hey i just had a client freeze.

Let me know if it’s just a disconnect or your client crashed.

I may not always respond right then and there, but it all goes in my logs and I will review it.

babel US crashed three times last night, around 8-9:00 pm GMT+8.

8x can you try disabling whatever changes you made to stats just to be sure that isn’t the culprit? i don’t see any network issues…

Why are there some strange things on the leaderboards:
—> It shows a huge number of people playing
—> It does not show when one logs off.

have there been any crashes or disconnects since today?

Sorry for the long time coming reply. I don’t check this part of the forums very often. After i wrote the post i ran a bunch of malware scans ( i had done it a few times before and nothing showed up, this was during my problems) and i found some weird shit in my internet. After i killed that all of my problems except for the lag went away. No more crashes or kicks or disconnects.
I blame my shitty wireless internet for the lag.