Sentimental Games

A chat with Izzy about old games we used to play and love had us wondering:

Which games are you guys especially fond of, and maybe still play, after many years?
Does any one game have sentimental value above the rest?
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hands down without hesitation at the top of the list is, and i think will always be, the original 1997 Ultima Online!

it’s a massively multiplayer online role-playing game, based on medieval times, with so much freedom that your in-game actions could emotionally make or break other players (including me) in real life. i spent most of my high school time and some years after graduation playing this game. the grind was huge and your options were very extensive, but the actions during and following all that build-up could be EXTREMELY INTENSE at any unexpected time… safety? no such thing in UO. trust no one, except your friends, but even they - including the irl ones - might be greedy for UO at the expense of your friendship at times. no other game has given me such thrill as UO. i was super duper addicted, living a completely different life in that virtual-but-feels-so-real world.

next up has to be the original Ace of Spades:

is an explanation really necessary? ;D

third, probably the original Quake, especially the Threewave CTF mod:

because it was my first online multiplayer experience (other than a direct connect dial-up session with a friend in Doom II), and the first PC game i got super addicted to. i can still vividly remember the first time i noticed the irl outside sky turning orange as the morning sun was rising while i playing Quake Threewave CTF… i thought it was still just late, maybe midnight, so i was shocked to see daylight already.

4th: hmm, i think it’s a tie between GravBall/Infantry and Age of Empires II because although the gameplay of each was uniquely superb, both were rebound games for me the first time i broke up with Ultima Online. :smiley: of course, i ended up going back to UO later on because i missed it too much. ::slight_smile: but anyway, GravBall showcased and rewarded a player’s skill very well. it was one of many sub games in the Infantry package, and “Infantry” itself was a session-based RPG. very funnn times!



5th: the original Red Alert, simply because it was the first RTS i really got into:

and because… Tesla Coils. :smiley:

6th: the Sim City series, especially on SNES because that’s where i spent weeks upon weeks building my first city without cheats that i became very proud of and attached to, only to accidentally delete it one afternoon. when i realized what i did, instantly my heart sank and i felt depressed irl, the first game that affected me like that… i couldn’t even look at it for months.

7th: the Counter-Strike series. i’ve put countless hours into every version; original, Source, GO - all good. lots of fun and aggravating memories… online, at cafes, and at small personal LAN parties.

8th: the Battlefield series, every version from 1942 to the current newest, Battlefield 1. Battlefield: Bad Company 2 was my favorite, though, mainly because - not to brag or anything ::slight_smile: - i was unstoppable as a helo pilot on the Heavy Metal map. that game, and especially that map, is where i experienced the best skill i’ve ever had in any game.

i really enjoyed BFBC2 on other maps and modes too. between its “rush” mode and the Heavy Metal map, i think i had more intense moments in this game than any other first person shooter. nothing like your team suddenly sparking last-minute momentum to work together to turn the tables for the win!

and last but not least, i must mention Super Mario Bros. on NES! my first gaming experience other than arcade Pac-Man and Pong.

ok, ok, and Bubble Bobble on NES because it’s just good, simple fun and brings back lots of childhood memories, especially when i hear its music:









i fucking loved this game

I love large scale strategy games and sci-fi so this game was a perfect fit for me. I’ve played 300+ hours over the years.

I’ve spent countless hours playing minecraft with friends.



I really like playing old Sonic the Hedgehog games. They actually were my first ever games and introduced me to the magic of them. They were fun back in the day, and still are, even if they are flawed. My favourites are Sonic 2, Sonic 3 and Knuckles (and Knuckles) and Sonic CD. Sonic 1 is great as well, but I didn’t really enjoy it after Spring Yard Zone.

One of my also favourite video game franchises is Hotline Miami. It has that amazing music, good gameplay, a pretty cool story and characters, and the amazing atmosphere of 80’s/90’s videogames. I really recommend playing at least the first one just to see for yourself.

Again, the 0.75 version of Ace of Spades.

Re-Volt is a pretty good racing game. It’s basically Mario Kart, but with R/C cars. It has some amazing mods and the community still makes content for the game, I recommend picking it up.


PAYDAY 2 is fun. It’s about robbing banks, stealing cars, nukes (no joke, you steal nukes in Meltdown), goats (apparently), jewelry, amazing music, and a pretty good stealth mechanic. The community might be toxic and you might get kicked around 80% of the time, but if you are playing solo or with your friends, or with surprisingly good players online you will get the most of it. Also, I believe it’s still free, so pick it up if you still can.


The S.T.A.L.K.E.R. series. Good survival games set in the Chernobyl surroundings, as well as Prypyat, with a good atmosphere.

While I was talking about S.T.A.L.K.E.R., I’d like to quickly also recommend Metro games. They are set in Moscow’s metro system after World War III. Good characters, great gameplay and amazing atmosphere.


I believe I could list more, but I either don’t really play them that much or forgot their names. Either way, I hope you will check these games out.







C&C Generals is awesome, so sad 2 is gone

Delta Force 2 and Black Hawk Down is great

GTA III is nostalgic cancer

I remember playing Black Hawk Down, it was awesome!

I’ve been a huge star wars fan since i was very young. I started with RPG’s specifically from bioware, because back then they were an amazing team. My favorite RPG ever came out when I was 12 and it really helped me get into games:

still has one of the best plots ever, it’s a long game, full of super fun quests and man the soundtrack is amazing. It’s a 10/10 for me
I also got into DOOM after I played KOTOR but I really got into it recently more :slight_smile:

Also, holy fudgecakes I’ve easily sunken 1000+ hours into AOS without a doubt