SendMeToSpawn - New Feature for babel

I have thought of what has happened before to many players, now it is time to create a new feature for babel.

Sometimes people have blocked in one another, in spawn, this means it is possible to dig yourself out.
But what happens on the tower?
Unless you switch weapons or use “/kill” or have trusted, there is no way to get unblocked.(Unless someone digs you out.)
But what if you have a command to get out of it?
Enter “/sendmetospawn” and it will check if you are blocked in and have no way to get out and teleport you back to your teams spawn.
This makes it easier and provides you a chance to see who blocked you in too.
No longer will you need to use “/kill” or switch weapons to escape from being blocked in.


If you’re in a tight spot, or have no ammo, can’t you exploit this by blocking yourself in with RMB blocks and teleporting out of safety?

You could possibly exploit this, unless there is a lot of checks made.
I think it is possible to currently check who placed a block and see if they blocked themselves in.
If so, the teleport feature wouldn’t work.

On second thought, maybe notifying admins on “/sendmetospawn” is a better option?
This way if someone constantly abuses it, they can get banned for it in the same manner as someone can get banned for glitching.


that sounds like more work than just walking back to spawn yourself tbh

Please read the first post.

It’s not about walking to spawn, it is when someone blocks you in with blocks.
It happens a lot in babel.
Also, you can’t remove blocks if you aren’t trusted.


Seems like unnecessary work, /kill is plenty effective and a pretty minor inconvenience. I do feel your pain though about being blocked in. Doesn’t happen to me often but digging myself out is futile cause if I move my mouse at all it creates that MS paint shift + click effect on my screen.


Nobody should be losing ratios because some griefer blocked them in.


it’s 1 death, if its another one its 2 deaths, if the fucker keeps doing it vk him, if doesnt work might as well cry alot and masturbate report him
most likely reach to 3 deaths so chill and drink milk

Votekicks get cancelled by noobs at times.
I votekicked one guy for being a stupid blatant griefer, but it got cancelled…
Griefers tend to have a protected status here… maybe one day they will get banned.


Probably only useful for those using classic 0.75 client. Since using OS the same block-glitch that happens on the original client doesn’t seem to work in OS.

Actually no, even on OpenSpades you’ll get blocked in.
Lets just hope SendMeToSpawn becomes a feature.


for me i can get blocked in but on openspades (at least from my experience) you can dig your self out

That works if you are nowhere near the tower or in spawn.
If you are on the tower and a griefer blocks you in, you are out of luck, unless you have trusted perms or someone trusted or above unblocks you.
So, you only end up with several bad options, quitting and rejoining or switching weapons or using /kill.


well iirc /kill or suicide doesn’t affect leaderboard (or at least thats what i’ve been told) but I could be wrong.

iirc there is a unstuck/unstick command included with pysnip/pyspades that iirc moves people out of blocks. maybe it can be modified to work like /kill so that regular players can only do it on themselves.

I sort of hope that some feature will be made soon.


yeah, you could also block yourself on the tower and use it to capture intels faster (and out of harm’s way), i approve of this idea

There is a power in blockpower which sends you to your teams tent, but it leaves the intel if you teleport with it.
So it would basically do the same thing, so it wouldn’t be possible to abuse like you said it.


What’s wrong with just using /kill. I mean, yes it impacts your score but only deuces care about that anyway.

There should not be need for use of /kill if there was better ways of preventing griefing and blocking people in.
Overall, this wouldn’t really be the best solution, but it’s a better solution than the one currently had.


it’s a fix, boohoo if it ruins your ratio