semi awptomatic assimov skin [editable scope]

semi awptomatic assimov skin [editable scope]

Client: OpenSpades

Mod type: rifle


the gun itself has many downloads in gamebanana after that i saw many extra versions of it and one of those versions are being used in the duckworm vs firefox match so i decide to change a part of the assimov mods so i changed the part which many people have complained about is the scope as u can see in this image:

Screenshot from 2022-10-04 12-11-44

it was pretty easy.I used the guide of modifying png sights,credits to iSkyte and i ofc used Paratroopers gun mod credits to him too.ill make a guide on how to change the sight and all and remember that if u wanna edit them the resoultion has to be 1080 pixel x 1920 pixels but here are some images of the mod



semi awptomatic assimov skin rifle gun [with an editable scope].zip (4.45 MB)

External link:

Credit(s): @maker,sDev M0N0CHR0M3_