Scripts help

I would like to learn how to create Ace of Spades scripts (PySpades).
I couldn’t find any tutorials so I turn to you.
I want to learn this to help the AoS community in Poland.
Can you help me?

PS.: Sorry for my english :slight_smile:

Hello World,
It’s always a great pleasure to see more people getting into the creation of AoS. I’ve been programming for about 3 years or so, picked up a few languages along the way.
If your planing on creating AoS Scripts you’ll need to learn the programming language called Python. Python is a rather interesting language to learn as it is pretty dynamic. It also deals with object-oriented programming which it is quite fun.

If you’re new to the programming world you might want to start with a different language such as HTML and CSS (Web pages). I started off with C# which was an interesting start, because it can give you an instant GUI and you learn structural coding. Yet I still recommend HTML and CSS first.

After you have a hang of what scripts look like and can identify different parts of the script, you can start scripting away.
Side Note: “Scripting” is also the term Coding, a Script is the file, “”, Code is what you put inside.

Hope you have a wonderful time, it’s a lot of fun!

Learn Python the Hard Way.

Only solution.

Yep I agree with Monstarules, Go Look up “Learn Python the Hard Way”

Thanks a lot guys.

Greetings from Poland :slight_smile: