[SCRIPT][PIQUE] replay.py, replayAuto.py (server-side gameplay recorder)

aos-stuff/pique/StaffTools/replayAuto.py at main · VierEck/aos-stuff · GitHub

coauthors: DryByte (DryByte (sByte) · GitHub), BR (BR- · GitHub)


  • /replay on <time in min>
  • /replay off


directory         = "demos" #subdirectory for the config directory where demos will be saved
parallel_ups      = 0       #0 for disable, ups recorded independent instead of via broadcast_contained
min_players       = 2       #if player population goes lower than this the current demo is ended
max_length        = 60      #in minutes. all demos end when they reach this length
auto_recording    = False   #if True server will record demos automatically
auto_min_length   = 30      #in seconds, 0 for disable, if the newly recorded demo is smaller than this it will be deleted. A short demo is mostly comprised of map data, so u may not want to keep short demos. E.g a 10 second demo is not worth a mb imo. 
auto_max_age      = 168     #in hours, 0 for disable,  demos older than this are automatically deleted
auto_max_dir_size = 10000   #in mb, 0 for disable, if demo directory exceeds this, old demos will be deleted untill max size is not exceeded anymore. 

replayAuto.py must inherit from replay.py

wip, may need some more testing

Nice work!

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