[SCRIPT][PIQUE] PosUpgrade.py


An extension for ur server that enables clients which support this feature to send position packets at a higher rate, thus reducing lag induced teleportation. (Without the need of extension packets)

Players whose clients have this feature dont directly benefit though, but rather do a favor for other players, by being less laggy from the others’ perspective. so if everyone were to participate it would benefit everyone.
(this wont ever happen anyways on public, but during creating this script i had rather ppl in mind who play private matches with their friends. its easier to persuade ur friends into participating)

extension behaviour:

  1. server sends the message This server supports the PosUpgrade extension
  2. upon receiving this server message the client should increase position packet sending rate (ideally 60 per sec)
  3. server checks the client’s position packet rate
    • if the check comes up negative the server sends the message PosUpgrade extension could not be detected
      • in case the client actually does support it, the client should set the position packet rate back to normal (1 per sec), upon receiving that server message