[SCRIPT][PIQUE] NadeLauncher.py (explosion on impact)

Explosion on impact with blocks. recreation of the NadeLauncher from TeaBoy’s server.
its a barebones script with no commands or anything. it doesnt work on its own. modify it to ur liking.


Teaboy’s script for Pysnip:

Demonstration video:

(to demonstrate that it explodes on impact. normally it would damage, kill players and destroy blocks aswell, which is not shown here since i had another script running preventing player and block damage. also the knockback shown in the vid is also not part of the NadeLauncher script)


Damn I should’ve shared grenade launchers a long time ago. It’s been like half a year since you DMed me in Discord, so I hope it’s not too late. Seeing that you have to do it from scratch makes me fell bad :frowning:

I’ve just added some basic info to README and made grenade launchers repositry public: GitHub - TeaBoyy/AoS_TeaBoy_Server: Crutchy, simple grenade launchers (and more) scripts for OpenSpades game server

Feel free to use it folks. Hope this stuff helps!

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