[SCRIPT] nameban 1.1

The nameban has just been updated, in the previous version there was a command called /changestatus which allowed you to change the sensitive state of the nameban, but when using that command automatically all the nameban you had were in a non-sensitive state or vice versa.

Now the update will allow you to have more control over the nameban, the * * is a special character, if you want your nameban not to be case sensitive state and at the same time look for any match with any nick, you must put * both at the beginning and at the end of the nickname, example /nameban escobar, therefore any nick that contains the word "escobar" either in uppercase or lowercase or in any part of his nickname he will be banned automatically ("Pablo Escobar", "," ESCOBAR ", "I'm not escobar", "xXEsCoBaRXx", etc).

Please be careful when using a nameban with *, this can be very useful when you want to catch evaders who always change a small part of their nickname and at the same time always keep a equal part in all the nicknames he uses.

If you want to put a nameban that respects both uppercase and lowercase (that is sensitive to it) you just have to put /nameban <nick> example /nameban MegaStar, the script when detects the nick "MegaStar" will automatically ban the player.

/nameban <nick> : You can use * as a wildcard.
/namebanlist : Gives you a list of all the nameban along with their respective ID.
/delnameban <ID> : It will allow you to delete a nameban using the ID.

Each nameban contains an ID, these IDs are used when you want to delete a nameban, suppose that  I have 4 namebans and I put the command /namebanlist:

ID: 1 | nick: escobar
ID: 2 | nick: REDSKOOL
ID: 3 | nick: Gxbiel
ID: 4 | nick: PRO v.

Now suppose I want to delete the nameban Gxbiel, to do so I must use the ID of that nameban which in this case would be 3.

/delnameban 3
Nameban: Gxbiel | ID: 3 has just been successfully removed.

Both the command /nameban and /delnameban can be used in the run (console), but the command /namebanlist does not, if you want to see the ID of all namebans through the .txt file you should understand the following:

The first nameban on the list will have ID 1, the next one will have ID 2 and so on…

Please, it is recommended that any modification, deletion or addition of a nameban do it through the commands, something unforeseen can happen if you do it manually from the .txt (I will not be held responsible)

Example of the script working:

To use it on your server, you must download the files nameban.py and nameban.txt, the file nameban.txt must be inside your dist folder (dist/nameban.txt) and the file nameban.py you must put it in the scripts folder (dist/scripts/nameban.py)


nameban.py (3.38 KB)

Looks gud :slight_smile:

Another mega Script from MegaStar.

Finally a solution to those who evade and cheat.
No longer can they make the rapid rejoins without a ban.

Many thanks MegaStar.
Hope to see it being run on Aloha soon. :slight_smile:



I don’t think this will really change anything. They can still just change their name enough so that it doesn’t match anymore.

It’s mostly for those who constantly rejoin with the same name.
(One guy rejoined like 5 times evading his ban with the same ban, so it makes it easier for staff.)


Final update.