[SCRIPT] jetpack.py

Allow you to simulate a jetpack in game:


/jetpack Turn on/off your jetpack.

You can modify some values on script:

TOTAL_FUEL = The maximum amount of fuel per jetpack (by default 60.0)
FUEL_PER_SECONDS = the amount of fuel that will be obtained every 1 second while a player is crouching (default 4.0)
JETPACK = if all players start with the jetpack on (default True)
JETPACK_Z_LIMIT = if the player exceeds this height he will no longer be able to continue using the jetpack (z pos, default 0)

  • To use the jetpack you just have to press the V key.
  • To reload fuel, you just have to bend crouch and not move.

Anyway there are messages that will appear in both actions.






Wow, this is awesome! Love the idea and love the soothing piano music.

very cool

could maybe be fun for a server like hallway or a small city map (one sector?) with tall buildings bunched together maybe with some open windows in some buildingsā€¦ utilize all that vertical space