[SCRIPT] Healtplayer / fixed

Hello everyone, this is my first post in this section, here I bring you a simple and short script that may be of help, I often see many players that when he die will always ask:
"How much HP do you have?".
This script will make that when one is killed by another you get two data that would be his name and his current HP (of the killer) such as:

  "You were killed by: MegaStar HP: 25"

This would mostly serve the servers with the game mode"arena".

healthplayer.py (474 Bytes)

Woh, nice work my friend. :wink:

Seems cool. Is it “legal”?

I guess if, I do not see anything that violates the rules.

This seems legit in my opinion, it will a good tool for us.

you should ask to izzy about this script

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