[SCRIPT] checktool

I come to share another script that can be helpful.

/ncheck (nick)
/ipcheck (IP)

/ncheck:  returns a list with all the IP's that the nick used.
/ipcheck: returns a list with all the nicks that the IP used.
the /ncheck command respects the uppercase and lowercase therefore make sure you put the nick correctly.
-You must download the datasave.txt file and put it inside your dist folder ((dist/datasave.txt), it's the same step as in the nameban script).
-The file datasave.txt will have a line already written "#DataSave  | #DontDeleteThisLine" please do not delete that line.
-The script will detect when a player joins your server and save the player's data (his IP and nick) in the datasave.txt file.

"these nick's were found: MegaStar, Im the best, ratSageM

/ncheck Im the best
"these IP's were found:


checktool.py (2.78 KB)

datasave.txt (31 Bytes)

very cool but Brazilians have dinamic ip and its dont work with BR’s it’s a pity so there are so many hackers