Same sore loser daily. Patrick

There is this mentally disturbed individual that plays the game daily and he griefs and hacks every day. Claims he is good. Patrick or something was his original name. Says griefing is fun for him. Tell me people, how can you be that mentally retarded and still be able to understand the basics of how to use a mouse on a computer?

Easy. The parent’s concept of mental retardation.

Playing too much video games makes you dumb and you only know the shit you play.

Instead of battering the guy can you provide any evidence that will let us ban him?

Whats the point mate. He is playing these servers for like 4-5 years now. He constantly changes ip and nick. He was banned in the past. My eyes can see well, that’s all the evidence I need.

same mental person.


When you have a chance, please try to record him misbehaving. Since it has been brought to our attention, we will try our best to keep him off of our servers.

Thanks for the heads up.

As a veteran I can honestly say. There is no point in doing that. Because ip change and name change is enough to do your shit again. He is just mentally retarded because he justifies his actions by saying it is fun for him. Need more guards that can cover the servers close to 24/7

grate investigation bro

Are you patronising me?

You cannot question a PhD in AoS. The universe will simply not allow it.

This afternoon I saw the patrick player in towerof babel, I noticed that they had put a votekick for aimbot or hack, so I started to watch him with pubvol and I did not find anything suspicious. After that, he said a lot “I am pro”, “I am not a hack” and I even think I read him that he has never hacked (I think I add again).
And even I think Communist is right about the mentality of this player, I had previously made a suggestion to the server to put more guards because the hackers keep increasing, and yes, the idea is good.

the Patrick who plays now is not the same person this thread was made about :slight_smile:

On the other hand: A player saying that he is “pro”, or using a nick containing “pro” DOES tend to be a good indicator that this person is actually cheating :slight_smile:

(For some strange reason, the letters “BR” often have the same effect. …Funny things, letters… )

Yeah, half the time hackers really have pro and BR or they are probably german toaster kids who use very edgy intros online.