Well, if you aren’t super active in every area of AoS, you might now of heard about the recent news of the soon to come rpg! Yes, thats right, an rpg in the new opengl client!

Ben is so close to completing the new game, that it’s gonna be here faster than you know it!

So with this new feature, what are some aloha changes you’d like to see? Maybe some new maps thats fit along with them? Ideas for a new game mode you’d like to see get implemented and used in for AoS and aloha?

We’d love to hear! :smiley:


Two quotes from Ben on IRC today:
<@bcoolface> just need to test the rpg in-game brb
<@bcoolface> hold your horses, its for the opengl client



I am speechless. I cannot wait! I’m just afraid it would be used for griefing. I just hope it’s not $10, I can’t afford it. When is planned to come out?

Nice! can’t wait for some new maps.
Maybe i will make one.
Also are you really Izzy’s Son

Yes he is. Shocking isn’t it?

All I can say is:

Yep. Born and raised.

So how old are you/izzy?

You were the one who was suggesting antigriefing measures for a rocket launcher in AoS forums.

I my mind he is like a mid-30 year old (my mind is weird). But after reading how you were addicted to games in 1986 in the “Who We Are” page, He seems to be somewhere in his mid-40’s, probably 46 or 47. (no offense if I’m wrong).

Well, I’d rather not give out his name without my permission. I mean, he is the one with the belt smiles as dad comes into room

But im 13 \o/

Well, we didn’t ask for his name, that’s too personal. We asked for his age but you shouldn’t answer if I were you out of respect to your father. In fact, I’m hesitant when it comes to age as this can be used for potential sex predators and pedophiles. But I’ll trust everyone here (maybe not Anus) so Im 17 as some may know.

Woops. Me and my failing grammar/spelling.

i was nearly a baby when i became addicted to games ;D

Lol, born into playing games. So that’s why he’s a pro. You have taught me what to do when I have kids. Put them in front of computer and play AoS when the are born!

good luck raising your cough cough cough stupid cough cough child ;D :stuck_out_tongue:

So sad izzy being addicted to games, then bringing your son into the gaming world and getting addicted. Soon he’ll have problems with Vitamin D, Anti Social behavior, Eye problems ETC. SADSADSADSADSADSADSADSADSADSADSADSADSADSADSAD.

A Legacy of AoS @.@
This is what dreams are made of

You people can’t read sarcasm when it’s front of you. Sigh…