As many none of you know, I play ROBLOX. My username is AcethekingAoS. So basically this is a free game, sandbox game. You make the game. It’s a game with games in it.
You have two types of currency, Robux and Tix. Robux is more priceless. You earn 10 Tix everyday. You can only get Robux by buying BC, Builders Club, Buying Robux, or trading currency. Tix → Robux Robux ← Tix.
I highly recommend going to the website, oh and never go on the forums. No matter how old you are, you will regret going on them.

I have 1 account, since 2013 but it was hacked right after i bought a roblox gift card of 25 dollors. I fugured out that someone changed my email for my acc, no wonder i couldnt send request new pass. Then i played again, just a few days ago, cuz dat was the time i changed back my email acc. My username is Lv1NOOB. Soundsstupid, i know, but at least i look good…

Haha, I remember I used to play this everyday in last summer, but I quit it. I guess it got boring, but I rejoined, and left again. my name was Techriqhd btw. I don’t play it anymore, was a good game though.

I played back in ‘09. Good ol’ days. Also, that was a nice game.
I’m still up. My name is RussianPlayer1. :stuck_out_tongue:

Nice, nice! I thought I was going to get hate against ROBLOX, well many people like or liked it! Flerikko I sent you a friend request. You look nice :3. Guys did you know if you played I could of gotten you free ROBUX, back in 2014 before it was patched there was a hack impossible to find on anything, the creator would have to give it to you via ROBLOX. Also you could copy shirts and pants, I did that but now it’s patched… It was so fun… ROBLOX just added a few lines of code and boom, no more copiers ;(

You can still copy shirts and pants. I do that sometimes.

Crap i was still hacked that time xD, k Ace, imma add u

Ohey, another '09er :smiley:
You guys will never guess my username! It’s dosss. Not big surprise

Alrighty. I will add ya.

I’ll add you dosss, add me Greninja, and Flerikko I use my alternative account as my main account, it’s this. AcethekingAoSV2. I look so beautiful.
Sanic I’ll add you.
I have 10k Robux, my dad was buying me 2,000 as I asked for and its 24$ and 95 cents and he said no, too much, 800 is enough, I begged him so much! Guess what, he did buy it and spammed “Submit Order” so now I have 10k Robux xD. Currently I have 15 Tix 2,943 Robux. TIME TO SAVE UP! HURRAAAAAAH

srry for double post, but guys, read this and do it.
6 word memoir I came up with in school
Look forward life’s not lived yesterday

  1. Highlight these numbers above
  2. Hold CTRL+F
  3. Hold it until a bar appears in the upper right corner
  4. Type 9 in that bar
  5. Look at the numbers.

Greninja told me, that he will add you, but he’s nooby in it. :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m StickMasterNinja2 and playing it since 2013.

I actually played this game too, like 2 years ago. It’s like a variety of games all in one game. There were some nice gamemodes such as Survive Natural Disasters or Zombiecon or that survival game (i forgot it’s name) which reminds me of Arma.
And of course Murder Mystery - which was also really entertaining to play.
My username there was (the account is probably still there)…[details=Click for details]Not Dare, hah… [details=Click for details]it’s secret[details=Click for details]do you really want to know it?[details=Click for details]ok it’s Dracconite[/details][/details][/details][/details]

Bah, I feel embarrassed admitting it, but I have (had?) a Roblox account (XAXA). I learned a lot of my basic programming skills from fiddling around with their engine.

yes, back when I thought roblox was ‘cool’ I had an account. Still do but I avoid the game like the plague since it’s just about putting money in… All the time.