rip server?

Can’t get on or see the map. Other servers working so it’s not me.

If the server is down we’ll probably have to wait until froe gets online

Thank god. I thought my school blocked the server… I was justttt about ready to transfer :wink:


Don’t worry Ferrai they haven’t. I haven’t given them the go yet :stuck_out_tongue:

But I’m amazed that your school didn’t block it my school would have blocked everything >:( xD

It should be online now.

Uh, so I am not sure what happened, nothing in the logs says the server should have gone down. Only thing that says anything is “Authentication servers are down. Please try again later, sorry!”

So, perhaps some thing went wrong on Mojang’s end? Or just a blip of an issue.

Regardless, it is…or rather, should, be fixed, now.

Sorry for the delay :confused: