Rimworld is one of the better colony management games i’ve seen in my opinion.You’ve crashed on an unknown planet with limited resources and the goal is to build a space ship and escape the planet.

You start off with a set amount of colonists and gear depending on diffuculty level.Each colonist has certain skills(which can be randomised before the game begins) such as cooking,fighting,researching etc.Skills can be leveled up by having a colonist do what the skill suggests(eg preparing a meal will give exp to cooking skill).The goal is to get all the way to the end of the research tree gradually making your way to space technology.

What makes this game interesting is the random events that occur.The higher the game’s difficulty the more said random events are.These events can be anywhere from helpful (eg a drop pod containing food) to game-ending(a 50 man raid equiped with rocket launchers and seemingly invincible set of gear).

Theres two options that both affect difficulty.First is the casual “easy,normal,hard,insane” scale and the second is defined by the story teller chosen.
-Cassandra Classic steadily increases the difficulty of the game by increasing the difficulty of events as the time passes.
-Phoebe Chillax gives large periods of peace between disasters, but the disasters are still challenging if she is set on a high difficulty.
-Randy Random provides unpredictable events for the player. The disasters are randomly generated and can occur at any time.

You also get to choose your colony’s background each providing different starting resources and colonists.There are currently 3 different backgrounds implemented.
-Crashlanded:3 colonists,average weapons,some food,some metal and a headstart in technology tree which allows use of electricity
-Lost tribe:5 tribe members,basic weapons,some food,low amount of metal,no headstart in technology tree
-Rich explorer:1 colonist,a charge rifle(good weapon),more starting food,more starting metal,and better of a headstart in technology tree allowing use of gun turrets(makes up for the fact that you’re alone,defence would be hard otherwise)

The game costs 28$ on steam can still be cracked tho and there are several mods that add new content/make the game more challenging,basically anything you may look for to make the game more appealing to you.

In case you did not understand a word i just said here’s the wikipedia link(they’re more experienced in explaining stuff than i am x) RimWorld - Wikipedia

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