Reverse Analise

I’m not sure if this has been talked about before, but I was thinking if there could be a Reverse Analise (/revan [name]) command, i.e. you could /revan yourself, and you’d be able to see how far away you were shot from, and how many times you were shot. This could also help if you’re trying to get in a battle with someone, and you know you were just tagged but you wanted to know by who.

I just thought of it then, it doesn’t have a major use but it isn’t worthless.

I think it would be more useful to turn to where the hitmarker is pointed at in the heat of a battle rather than glancing down at some red chat.

Yeah but I wanna know who’s being a bully by shooting at me so I can murder ask them to stop.

I still use the classic voxel, because:

  1. I made my own scope which works perfectly. I can’t mod it to work properly on OpenSpades.
  2. OpenSpades is bright as fuck, my gamma settings don’t help to see through fog as well.
  3. OpenSpades feels… “slower” to me, like even just the scope in animation is something I can’t deal with. Also, you can’t jump-shoot iirc, something which I’ve gotten quite the hang of.

This is just really meant to be like a way of seeing if you were sniped instantly through fog if you just couldn’t see them, or if they shot multiple bullets at once, etc etc etc.

It would be a very easy way to catch people that are multi-bulleting and even troubleshoot glitches such as the ghost-bullets. I would’ve known a lot sooner that my bullets weren’t doing any damage/weren’t registered by the server, if I had the suggested /revan on. Plus /revan just looks cool for obvious reasons. 8) I digress though lol.

The regular /an would have helped you with the ghost bullets, /[rev]an only shows the details of who shot you

Very true. This is why lack of sleep is bad.

I’ve wanted this for a while. Will probably make sometime soon.

you'd be able to see how far away you were shot from, and how many times you were shot
Aren't these things that you shouldn't know? If I'm hiding in enemy territory on babel and headshot someone (ie: kill them before they can know where I am), I'd rather they not know if I am close or far away.

I’d be okay with it if it didn’t have distance (since that isn’t really pertinent)

He’s right you know.

It was just an idea, I never thought it would get so much attention so I don’t really know lol. ¯(o_O)/¯
If you don’t think distance should be shown in /revan, then don’t include it.

i’d reverse analise danke

Nice idea. :smiley: