[Rev] Revolution Clan - Recruiting!

Member Count: 56
Skype: Revolution.Clan
Discord Server: Revolution
Tag: [Rev] name

We are the Revolution. Not only for mature, skilful players of Ace of Spades, but for the clan scene as a whole. We are a revival of the old and a revolution of the new. Born from both a merge between some of the formerly most powerful clans, and the realization that the clan atmosphere in the community is deteriorating, we have merged a clan that intends to be a ‘last stand’ for those who intend to conserve what a clan is; a relaxed, friendly atmosphere and a long-lasting enclave for mature players from around the world. We are the final stand for a decaying community, a beacon of hope, a role model for clans to follow. And so, on July 15th, 2014, the First Merge of the Revolution, a convergence of GP, Sirs & Ladies, Ohh, and LoS took place seamlessly, and abruptly. Merges still to come are an assured expectation, and inevitably will become the preservation of team-playing in this community.

This clan was thoroughly planned and pondered upon by a group of players, leaders of clans, independent, respectable players; all of them intent on creating a revival, a reversal in the clan trends. Graphic and web designers went to work, organizers and communicators did their part, but most importantly was the vision everyone had, and still carry. We have learned from the past to create the future, but this clan does not just dwell in the past. A revolution is just an event in time. It can be in the past, present, or the future. Ever-changing to meet the latest needs; flexibly, constantly morphing for survival and prosperity. Join the Revolution. Be apart of something bigger than yourself… something you can be proud of.

Rules: No Hacking, No Glitching, No Multi-Clanning, Be Respectful, Mature, & Have Fun!.

Applicants must be mature, active, and excellent at teamwork. Skype & Discord are how we communicate. Skype account info can be submitted privately. You must not be in any other clans.

    Current IGN:
    Future IGN with Clan Tag:
    Why would you like to join The Revolution? (1 Paragraph Min):
    About yourself (1 Paragraph Min):
    Time Zone:
    Past Clans:
    Past Bans:
    Activity Rate?
    Gun preference?
    Skype Account? (Optional)
    Screenshot of Past Kills? (Optional)

Council Members are respected, mature players who have been appointed to the highest, authoritative position in the clan. Council Members make the decisions, plan ahead, and are means for moderation and changes. New Council Members can be nominated, but must be recommended by at least three other current Council Members to be considered, and voted positively by the majority of current Council Members for admission.

Council Members: (3 Total - In Alphabetical Order)

    - Dare
    - Mr.Torch
    - ShyWolf91 (Puar)

Revolutionaries: (38 Total - In Alphabetical Order)

    - Aidybee
    - Applecooki
    - Arcinius
    - AyeNova
    - b00mshotx
    - Beach
    - Breezy
    - cbdgf5555
    - Chuliangf94
    - Creepermann
    - DigitalCuber
    - Ding
    - DreeX
    - ElJavivu
    - Evergreen
    - Flynn
    - Frocs
    - GingerNinja
    - GoDucks
    - Heracles4
    - IlikeTrains
    - Jackplox
    - KillerBee
    - Kubz
    - Mastersword111
    - Mircato
    - NovaStone
    - Phyrexian
    - Pingu
    - Punisher
    - S/enderman
    - Scoper
    - Sumo / JoshuaAOS
    - Sup3erN3Rds
    - Tacticderp
    - WildTurtle
    - Yajo
    - Yoman282

Honoraries: (16 Total - In Alphabetical Order)

    - AlMualim
    - AsianGuy
    - Atreyu
    - Fresh Prince
    - Hilarious
    - MR.BadAiming
    - MushieWarden
    - Reid
    - Silencer
    - toph704
    - Valkyrii
    - WaterStar
    - xCross

Kicked or Left Clan: (1 Total - In Alphabetical Order)

    - Twodayudie

Clan Membership Total: (41 Total - Without Honoraries)

If you’re up for a challenge or just want to have some competitive fun, simply fill out the form below and we will agree on a date and time. You must be in a recognized authoritative position in your clan in order to submit this.

    Clan Name:
    Organizing Party (of your clan):
    Clan Tag:
    Date & Time:
    Number/Name of Participants:
    Game Type(TDM, CTF, etc.):


rip aloha forums

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Maybe you can overthrow Izzy and actually get stuff done.

I doubt he’s selling.

Wait I thought Izzy was a she?

Let’s just pretend that none of this happened? :slight_smile:

is izzy a guy or a girl o-o

izzy is a girl, i think

Current IGN: nestoflo
Future IGN with Clan Tag: nesto{ReV}flo
Why would you like to join The Revolution? (1 Paragraph Min): because
About yourself (1 Paragraph Min): im active
Time Zone: nyc
Past Clans:komrade, zzz, lines, <@>, spqr, bastion, aids, ldr, homo
Past Bans: id never
Activity Rate? extremely 
Gun preference? first one
Skype Account? (Optional)
Screenshot of Past Kills? (Optional)

izzy is a guy i think

i’ve seen somewhere Zeke said - “I’m proud to call him dad”

here are we arguing about izzy’s gender

happy new year

inb4 misgender

Join discord and we’ll chat.

Izzy is a grown ass man, tf you mean a woman. I’ve heard his voice in mumble before.

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