Retarded players on aloha.

Hey guys. These are some people who are insulting a certain player. [HAHA]Pheonix and {SPADE} Angelic are votekicking and insulting [USAB]showboat for NO REASON. HAHA Pheonix also said USAB sucks.

I saw this too. The reason was “Lol”. He got kicked. Angelic is saying she’s an admin when she’s not and she is a bigtime glitcher too. This all happened on Last Team Standing
EDIT: Pheonix was glitching too. They’re both trolls and really annoying. Please do something.

What you should do to trolls is just don’t talk to them when they know that they aren’t winding the people they are insulting they will stop.

its all good Showboat is unbanned and angelic is banned for a day for false votekicks… he wasnt logged in and apparently afk in spectator i guess but anyhow thanks for the report

Funny part is that I wasn’t afk, just flying around the map looking for the greens lol

USAB 4 lief

Joke’s on them, they chose the wrong player to mess with.

I know Phenoix personally and I don’t find any of this behavior out of the ordinary. He’s gone on a complete crazy rampage after being booted from USAB and his immature behavior is just a part of his personality. If this happens again I’ll be sure to personally ban him as this behavior is just unacceptable and he just finds it fun to act like a complete troll.

-Honestly i didnt vote kick showboat. So get your facts straight! In regards to CraftDinur all i have to say is:
-You guys shit on me. Enough said.
-I was never glitching. I was recording with fraps and when ever I stopped recording I glitched outside or in a floor below.
-I never issulted showboat directly, I was saying sh*t about USAB.
-The whole USAB stuff is a long story, if you want to know about it hes my youtube vid about it:
-Dont hate either its my first vid -_-
-Other wise, i got nothing to say, there is no where in the rules (that ive seen) that says you cant insult and swear at other people.


-P.S: CraftDinur let people read this… then delete it.

I wasted 5 minutes of my life on that video and I can’t get that back. I tried.
There is no point to your video.

Not to be mean, or “hate on your video.” It was just probably one of the most boring things I’ve ever watched. Also, there are huge chat logs kept in an IRC channel that allows admins to watch the servers. All they have to do is find your name, if you were doing anything wrong, they’ll know :stuck_out_tongue:

Furthermore: The mere fact that you have to create a 13 minute video showing nothing for the first 5 minutes but you playing and sounding like some 14 year old kid giving the history of Ace of Spades, says a lot about your character; it, again, told me nothing about “The USAB Story.” Very misleading man, sorry to disappoint, but I am disappoint.

Take care :stuck_out_tongue:

I dont care if you liked it or not. Yes first 5 minutes i was doing random crap :stuck_out_tongue: but if you didnt like it. I dont really care.

Pheonix, it wasn’t you who votekicked showboat. Yes, you were being very immature and a troll but Angelic kicked showboat.

Rocker, nice video.

Except that votekick was really immature, that guy wasn’t aimbotting. You just suck.

Drama?! In mah AoS?!